A Letter from Fred

Is there anyone still out there, oh vast internet world?
Assuming there might be, I thought I would post something endearing and touching for your Wednesday morning. It's really too wonderful to hold to myself.

I might be typing to a solo audience, but if you are there.....do say hello.

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Recipes Found in the Attic

Today launches the second installment of the project "Recipes Found in the Attic", on Instagram. If you have a account, I would love for you to join us in taking vintage recipes and putting a modern twist on them!  Come find me, user name: @atticseventeen for all of the details!

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When I stopped blogging, over a year ago {!}, one of the things I missed very much was the sharing of special stories that retold historical moments. I love reading about men and woman from our nations rich history. Their tales are what I learn from and have grown to love, and I loved hearing how the re-telling moved you. How their lives, trials and joys made you think and take a moment to reflect. While I don't know if or when I'll return to routine blogging, I have found one way to share my love for those that went before us. It's something I'm very passionate and excited about.

Attic 17 now has a newsletter, the first which was released in February 2014! This isn't a digital newsletter that comes to your email inbox, but rather a special piece of mail that will be delivered to your home mailbox! I'm so excited to marry two things I am quite in love with-all things antiquated and the post! Besides, who doesn't like getting a piece of mail, hand addressed to them? Each issue will contain historical trivia, vintage stories and special extras {perhaps even some coupon codes for those that shop in my Etsy shop!}.

My purpose behind this newsletter is to share my love for the past and simultaneously give someone a 5-minute break from a hectic day to travel back in time...and hopefully smile {and perhaps learn a thing or two!}. I really believe this newsletter is for everyone....not just the vintage lover. If you would like to be a subscriber to this unusual and unique newsletter, please fill out the information below and submit {your address is always kept private and used only by me}. A monthly subscription {four issues that lasts for four months} only costs $10.00!

It would be my pleasure to send you one and in the meantime, please follow me along at my Instagram account: @atticseventeen

Have a lovely day!

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A "family shutterbug" and his amazing scenes of New York in the 1950s.

Happy Thursday everyone!  
Thank you for all of your thoughts yesterday-it's wonderful to hear your experiences and revelations.


What a exciting thing to find!

This image {one of many in this collection} is simple and absolutely striking.  What I love about each image shared is how easy it is to appreciate the detail....you don't have to go looking for what makes it unique.  What I love about the story is that fame, for this photographer, was limited and never achieved, in a monetary or prolific way.  It reminded me that simply because you do something doesn't mean you are good at it and on the flip side, just because others may not immediately appreciate your talent, doesn't mean it isn't present and blooming.

The talent that this "shutterbug" exhibited was well deserving of the title, "professional photographer", however, I have to guess that real professionals are assured and confident and don't worry about being labeled as such.  They just carry on.

vintage toys on display!

I loved finding THIS site and learning that there is an entire location, meant to showcase vintage toys!

Have fun scrolling through all of these treasures! Below I shared some of my favorites.

A Numora, plastic sink and stove from Japan.  Circa 1955

Westinghouse Laundromat, plastic and tin, from Japan. Circa 1955

Amsco Bottles and Sanitizer, made in USA.  Circa 1950


Dining out.

Sean and I have always enjoyed eating out.
Since we were young{er} we have been eating at restaurants all over our surrounding area.  We enjoy researching the menu, location and history behind where we are going.

Although eating out has definitely slowed down since we had children, both because of availability and cost, we still save our pennies for special occasions.  Eating out, for us, is a type of vacation.  We don't go on amazing plane rides anymore {fortunately we took some pretty amazing trips pre-kiddos} or travel cross country {someday by motorhome, I hope!}, but we do get dressed up and enjoy a delicious steak, talk about dreams and sip a well-shaken martini.  It's important for us to be together in that way.  Vacations are lovely, even if they are only 3 hours long.  If we know we are dining out on Friday evening, Sean and I will be talking about it all week long.

Trendy restaurants are all the rage but I find I am drawn to restaurants with old world charm, historical relevance and a vintage feel {surprise, surprise}.

Here is a {very} short list of establishments in the LA area we would like to try:

Maxwell DeMille's  Cicada Club  {Located at the presumably haunted Oviatt building, it has a art deco flare and nightly dancing. They have bands that come and preform weekly, with swing dancing for all!}

Musso and Frank's 
{This restaurant was opened in 1919 and is a established "must see" in LA, as almost all food aficionados would agree. It's famous for it's never-changing menu and amazing martinis. Many of the bartenders and servers have worked there for 20, 30 and even 40 years.}

Micheli's  {Hollywoods first pizza house, opened in 1949.  Owned and operated by a large family-which I love- it boasts singing waiters and waitress'.}

The Dresden {Opened in Hollywood in the 1950's, it was originally a paint store. It was named The Dresden Room after the dolls that decorated the interior.  It has been left virtually untouched and has been featured in movies, including SWINGERS.}

What about you?  Any favorite destinations?  Any in my area I absolutely should try?

Scrapbooks, Annette and the loss of innocence?

Sean is out of town this week on business and there is nothing I hate more.  Well, that's not true.  I would hate oral surgery more or maybe my hair burning off, more.  Really though, I loathe when he leaves and I understand {or so I've been told} that is very co-dependent of me but I'm very much ok with that.  I married him afterall....and I think it's nice when couples want to be together, don't you?  Yes.  I very much dislike turning down one side of the bed and dislike even more watching television alone, at night, on a cold couch.  Hurry home, my love.  Your darling dear misses you. {Sorry for the sap, everyone}.


On a lighter and happier note, there are some lovely items that have been added to my shop and I would love for you to venture over and take a glance.
Generally I don't sell large scrapbooks but I'm coming across so many lately and I need to sell one, at the minimum.  This piece is BURSTING with sweet pieces.  Valentines card, school pictures, family photos, souvenirs and family documents, certificates and more.  Almost 30 full pages.  It's wonderful!

It's a true treasure and I hate to part with it, but if you would give it a good home, I would be so pleased.  Start your historical research!  Start learning about other families and your own!  I've found that my interest is peeked about my own family when I have learned wonderful and special details about others.  Odd, I know.

It's listed here.


Oh! I would be remised if I didn't mention a little bit of my sadness upon hearing that Annette passed away.  I suppose each time someone from that era passes.....it makes me realize that the "wholesome" generation {the video is worth watching, even if you don't care for Bill!} is getting thinner and thinner.  I tire of our current pop culture and sometimes wish for the days when the most scandalous music was Elvis and his hip shaking. Not everything was better in the 50s and we all know this....but many things were.  Just one ordinary woman's opinion.

Thanks for all the great laughs and movies, Annette!
You were a gem, truly.