I did it!

If you didn't follow my other blog you might not understand WHY I'm so excited but let me explain.

Almost five months ago I injured my ankle.  I should say, I re-injured my ankle.  After running on it, in pain, for almost three months, I gave in and had a MRI and X-rays.  I found out that I had re-sprained my ankle, in two places.

This would be a bummer for anyone.
It was a bummer plus a stubbed toe and a flooded basement (metaphorically, that is) for a runner.

I am a runner and this basically sidelined any workout (except resistance training or pliates/yoga, which I have never been able to really get with).  It has driven me CRAZY for the last two months.  Walking was hard for me but I wrapped my mind around it and got used to leisurely strolls, in the evening (with a fancy ankle brace).  I had lost twenty pounds before my MRI and once I couldn't run, I watched some of the weight creep back.

Basically, I was sad.

But today.

I ran a quarter mile with no pain.


I was thrilled and smiled the entire way.
Because that 1/4 mile means that I might be able to run a half mile in a few days.  And pretty soon a mile.
And before I know it, I'll be back in the saddle, running a 10K like it's nothing!

I suppose that I never knew (nor do any of us) how much we would miss using our mobility until it's withheld.

And running means something different to me this go around.  It's not about a PR or beating someone across the finish line.
It's about running.
Pure and simple.


  1. hooray! that is a great feeling not only to get back to something you love and invigorates you but to not have any pain doing it!!!
    run, rachel, ruuuuuun!!! (in my jenny from forest gump voice)

  2. Thank you for posting this! I really appreciate you posting about the 1/4 mile! I need that encouragement.

  3. I am a runner too and I totally get it. Congratulations! My heart would be singing!

  4. awesome! I am just now learning how to run. It's such a challenge and an accomplishment. Run mama, run!

  5. hooray!! so happy for you!! i wish i could be a runner..... maybe i'll have to give a try again. i just dislike it so very much! any tips for the non-runner - or is it basically something you either love or you don't???

  6. Yay! That's so great! I used to run and now after my 2 little kiddos I'm trying to get back to it. =) 1/2 mile at a time!