I will enjoy. Enjoy and remember.

Yesterday my husband and I lounged in our backyard and spent a few hours gardening.  We listened to our children laugh and splash in a tiny, pink pool. We went to church. We drove to Chipotle and bought dinner for ourselves and my mother in law. We sat on our porch and watched Sean hang our American flag, with pride. We talked into the wee hours of the night about homeschooling and fell asleep, soundly.

This morning we got up early and he made pancakes.  The girls ran around the house playing with bouncy beach balls as I set up our Memorial Day feasting table.  My husband and his friend just left on a leisurely run and I am about ready to put my youngest down for a morning nap.

Tonight we will be surrounded by wonderful friends and family. Those that we do most everything with and we will laugh, talk and eat until the sun goes down and the kids start rubbing their eyes. We will pile sleepy babies in the car and we will safely return to warm sheets and soft pillows.

Each of these moments ordinary and each of them extraordinary.

We have enjoyed and will enjoy each moment.

And for all of this enjoyment and daily frivolity, I owe a deep respect and gratitude to the families of those who have sacrificed their lives SO I can enjoy.

I will enjoy.  And I will remember.

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  1. the ordinary mixed with the everyday extraordinary...that is what this life is all about, isn't it?