In the garden.

Gardening has become less of a "have to" and more of a hobby, in the last 6 months.

(do you like the chalk?  That's what the kids do, while I plant!)

The girls and I are outside most of the day and I have become so intrigued and interested in gardening, learning about plants and how they grow and what small things I can do, to make our gardens a place of tranquility.  Sometimes it's a little hard to not wish that I had an unlimited budget, so that I could do all that I would love to do....

I really would love to have a fountain in the backyard.  Think rustic, Tuscan-style, 3-tiered fountain.
I think that an outdoor shower with a lovely pebble mix, stone floor would be so wonderful, sat next to a ground level jacuzzi.  Surrounded by lush greens and trellis'. My concrete walls would be completely covered with fig (working on it!) and have vertical gardens, attached and full of succulents, air plants and herbs, for quick retrieval.
Outdoor lighting, strung through an amazing line of mature evergreens.....

Ahhhh..!  Doesn't it all sound amazing?  I can dream, right? 

Alas, we gutted these yards upon move in, less then 2 years ago, so we were starting from scratch.  Things we planted were young and babies, so it will be years before everything is grown in the way we would like, but we are willing to wait (not that we have a huge choice... ;)) We are looking towards the end product and learning along the way!  The sprinkler system at our home doesn't work and we have a large sized lot, so watering takes at least an hour a day.  At least!  It's quite a process. 

However, I have found that gardening is therapeutic and wonderful for the soul.
Nothing is quite as relaxing as taking care of beautiful plants and flowers and watching them mature!

Plus, it's so fascinating to learn!  I'm truly loving all of the things I am taking in and consuming, by way of gardening books, websites and from hands on learning. 

So, that's all.
I'm sure, as you are reading this, I'm out back.  Covered in water, dirt spray and sporting some sun-burned shoulders.  But happy as can be.

{Tell me what your favorite plant is! }


  1. I can't wait until we have a house that I can really garden in. For now I just have some potted plants on our patio. :) My 2 favorite plants are 1) Crocuses, because they always pop up first after the winter and signal that Spring is coming! (daffodils are a close second in this category), and 2) Basil. Because it's yummy with EVERYTHING. :)

  2. gardening is so relaxing i love it. my favorite plant is hydrangea but there really hard to grow here. but i'll never stop trying. ;)

  3. Oh, really beautiful! I am trying succulents this year for the first time... so far, so good!

  4. Looks beautiful! We are so excited to someday have a house where we can garden. I can't wait to pick and eat things right off the vine or the branch!

  5. I love what you're doing! I am a succulent/ornamental grasses kind of girl and I get especially excited over a nice li'l veggie garden. Your yard is looking beautiful!