I've been dreaming.

When you're sick for over a week you lay in bed and dream.  I do, at least.

And I believe that I (and you) have dreams for some mysterious reason and you should let them seep into your soul and mind and heart.
Who knows if they will cement into reality and perhaps they never will.  But what if they do?  What if somehow God decides to take that small seed of mystery and love and turn it into your world and what if He lays something in your lap that is just so wonderfully charming?

So, I let my mind wander and slowly I creep into the smalls and corners of my mind.
I go to places that sometimes I regard as impossible.

Nevermore will I think these dreams are untouchable!

I dream each day.

And do you know how I KNOW that dreams come true?

One day, when I sat without a baby in my belly and 11 months worth of only one pink line, I dreamed of a house, with stairs, a dark haired baby and a tree outside.
It sounded impossible.

But, it wasn't.

And your dreams are worth dreaming, too.
Go imagine under a tree, in your bed, on your grass or on a slow stroll.

Just go dream.

And I will too.


  1. I like it here. Very much. Thank you for hosting us with your beautiful thoughts and words. Blessings on your beautiful blonde head.