on a porch and in a booth.

Every year, on Mothers Day, my friend Mary hand delivers a card.

A good, old fashioned, Hallmark card.

It started about 7 years ago, when we were both trying to get pregnant and both coming up short.  We would send "Happy Un-Mothers Day" texts and cards. Then, when I had a miscarriage right before Mothers Day, the following year.  Mary had a miscarriage one month after I did, which means she was pregnant on Mothers Day.
But she still thought of me and brought me a beautiful card, reminding me of the child I did have.  In heaven.

And so it continues, each year.
A hand delivered card and a sweet, simple thought.

This year I was sick on Mothers Day and I got off the couch and there the card was.  On the porch with a text on my phone...
"Check the porch, friend."

I ran to the door, picked up the card and thought, "Of course she didn't forget".
She never forgets.

It made me remember, once again, that kindred hearts are one of the most beautiful things.

I was also reminded a month ago, sitting with my three closest girlfriends, in a burgundy leather booth.  I sat and shared my soul and I did the ugly cry IN a restaurant, while we were enjoying a meat and cheese plate. Just the same as I was reminded on the front porch, I was reminded in the booth of a overpriced eatery, that girlfriends can be a backbone that the Lord delivers amidst an ocean of uncertainty that we call "life".
 They sat there, listened and I cried.  And then it was the next persons turn to cry.  And the next. And the next.

That's always the way it is. We take turns leaning on one another and take turns being leaned on. We take turns needing help setting up for showers and open houses.  We take turns at each others kids birthday parties, cleaning up the trash.  We take turns babysitting the youngsters and we take turns sticking up for one another.  We take turns affirming and we take turns telling the truth.  We take turns congratulating and take turns on our knees praying for the other persons ailment.

If it's not our turn today, it will be tomorrow.
What an honor.

Woman of the Lord, who love you and care for you, are treasures.  Simple, sweet treasures.
Beautiful, wonderful, strengthening pillars that the Lord has given us.  To build us up, make us better and grow us as woman and people.  Mothers and wives.

There is no work involved because it is never work, but simple living along with them.  Side by side and so very easily.

Sometimes quietly.
Sometimes loudly.
Never maliciously or within self interest.
Always loving.
Always upwardly directing.
Always present.
Always there.

(So thank you, Mary.  I count on that card each year. More than you know.)


  1. Replies
    1. Friends that the Lord puts in our life are beautiful, aren't they?

  2. Well, this may be my absolute favorite. EVER.

    Stunning writing.

  3. Oh, I so needed this today. Thank you.

  4. Gah! This is perfect. How FREEING to have sisters who love the Lord with all their heart, soul, strength, and mind. They're a real treasure. What you give and what you receive in those relationships make life so very very sweet. True fellowship and connection...you can't get that just anywhere.