one thing I know, for certain.

-Elisabeth Elliot


There are days that I struggle with who God made me.

I guess that statement could sound really depressing, self-absorbed, infantile or a combination of all three but I choose to look at it as a test in obedience.  If I look at it any other way, I could become a much darker person.
There are days when I don't really like who I am or what I am.  Not because of where I am, but because of the lies that I accept.  Does that make sense?

When those feelings begin to seep into my fiber, I recognize that it is only because Satan knows that He can win that battle with my mind, that it is happening.  He knows exactly how to attack me and that is by making me feel irrelevant and like I do not have a purpose in life. (Still some of you are saying, "This is really silly that she would feel that way. How very immature.")

I partially blame the days we are living in, for this surge of feelings that can come over me.  We live in a time where we derive importance by what we "do", rather than who the Lord has made us.  I think we can all get it so backwards and that is myself included.  Oh how backwards I am, at times.
Out of one side of my mouth I claim success for my stage in life and then lay my head down at night and wonder if I am doing enough. (See how that word "enough" creeps in?  It's of the devil, I tell you!)
It's a wonder my brain doesn't split in two from the ultimate confusion that it confronts.

When I feel my own skin begin to shake and the small voice begin to whisper to me that I am anything less than Gods child, I go straight to the throne and ask the Lord for obedience.  For I know that living in this world will always be a test of going Gods way for my life or trekking out on my own course, hell-bent on finding my value, apart from Him.

I can choose to walk one way and search until I die, or I can choose to run into the arms of my Father.

Only when I move in His direction do I find purpose, certainty, confidence and a deep feeling that I do, indeed matter and have value.

It's sad that the Lord makes us so perfectly and we wage war on our own person, constantly tearing ourselves down and feeling insignificant but I believe that it happens in the heart of every man and it always will be. It's part of the human condition and I believe an internal argument we are meant to have-in order to eventually draw us so close to the close that our questioning only points us (and others) to Him and Him alone.

We will strive for the wind until we die and the sooner I begin to recognize it, the sooner I will find freedom in who the Lord has made me.  Who He created me to be.
What He created me to do.

This one thing I know. For certain.


  1. When I took the Spiritual Growth course a few years ago, we had a number of exercises based on "lies" and "truths." So many so, that it began to be funny. But as I look back all these years later, I realize it was on purpose...because Satan attacks us about our identity often.

    Here's to hearing more of the truths and less of the lies!

  2. oh, friend. thank you for sharing this. needed this today!
    praise jesus xo

  3. When I think of the years I spent obsessing over my place in the world and whether I had made the right decisions, it makes me so sad. In the moment, I never stopped to think about how it was GOD that led me to the place I was. I put it all on myself and decided I didn't deserve to enjoy my job as a nurse because it was pulling me out of my home. I didn't think I deserved to enjoy my home life because I couldn't possibly be successful when I was away 2 days a week. In the last year or so, I've had a bit of a breakdown (breakthrough?) because when I finally looked at my fallen state... when I saw how my pride and self dependence had led me down a dark and dangerous path, I was completely broken. God made me a good nurse. He chose to make me a mama and gave me a husband who loves to stay home to take care of our loves so I can help my neighbors. It only took me 12 years to see these gifts for what they really are and feel like I can be enough because He has said I am and given me all the help I need to be everything He wants me to be. Sorry this is so long for just a "comment" but it's been on my heart lately and you really touched me with this post. Thank you.

  4. yes. (that yes has a good hours worth sitting together in it) reminded also of erma bombeck's quote, "When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, 'I used everything you gave me'."

    that HE gave to ME. not what He gave to anyone else..

  5. Oh man, this is such a continual lesson for me! Thanks for the reminder, Rachel.

  6. Thank you for this so much. I recently followed the Lord and my husband from MD to the far corner of TN. We came to be a part of something big and city changing, God honoring and soul saving. But my husband is on the front lines of this ministry, leading the charge, while God has called me to be a stay at home mother to our toddler. I struggle with feeling insignificant, yet so incapable of doing all that I have been asked. Thank you for pointing me to my Savior's arms, where I should be all along. It is a high calling to be exactly who He hs made us to be!