the cost for silence (thoughts on Memorial Day and our nation).

On this Memorial Day weekend, 2012, I am thinking about the many who have given their lives for the freedoms that I enjoy and the freedoms that my children will enjoy.  I think about what they thought they were fighting for. I think about the deep respect I have for them.  I think about my respect for the soldiers of the past and the present.
and I begin to think about the America that once existed but is slowly fading.

It's interesting that I could make that same comment, just several years ago and people would think it sounded somewhat dramatic.  I have never backed down from the argument that society is crumbling in front of us and we are watching it but it was a little more difficult to be the whistle blower a few years ago.  Everything was a little more bright and cheery and people were expecting change even though it was so masked and yet so very obvious.

Now, I make those claims and people quietly nod their head in agreement because It's becoming crystal clear that our country is moving in a direction that is headed for impending implosion.
Dramatic, Yes.
Realistic, I think so.

And it's our fault.

Silence is the new cool. Tolerance is the new pink and people who stand up with an opinion supported by conscience or conviction are labeled as the righteous right.  The conservative crackpots.  We are all about fire and brimstone and never full of grace.  Crazy Christians.  Ridiculously un-informed Tea-Party voters (even though most people who ridicule the Tea Party movement have no idea what their tenants are.  Read about what they stand for HERE. And for the cynic, even Jon Stewart liked it!).
If you speak out against the pro-choice movement you are instantly a non-progressive, anti-woman lunatic (am I the only one that is still in a state of amazement that abortion is legal?  Am I the only one that marvels when someone tries to explain to me why they think Roe V. Wade should still stand?)

I resent these labels because I am not just the sum of my political beliefs but a woman that holds closely what our nation stood on and what it was grounded in. I am full of grace because I need grace for my own coverings of sin. I've made mistakes, obviously. I need love and understanding as much as the next man or woman, But we have taken the idea of the freedom and we are slowly distorting it so much so we are each able to stand on whatever personal freedoms we deem necessary and right and by doing that, we are stretching the definition of freedom to meet the personal (and selfish) desires of everyone.  By doing this, freedom is slowly evaporating and we are becoming a nation that looks much different than it once did.


We got here because of silence and we got here because people are scared to speak up.

Fortunately, I think this is changing.
But it has to change with each of us. Each conversation with our children, with our friends and in our community.

I watched this video that my friend sent me, who is Catholic.  Although I am not Catholic, I adopt this video completely.

THIS article is a brilliant read and extremely timely (thanks RVS!), given the very popular movement of "What you're doing is wrong, but I love you anyways so let's not talk about it."


While this post may seem laced with negetivity, I spent the last 3 years being relatively quiet about my political views, assuming that a blog or in emails isn't the place for it.

I've since realized that is exactly what is putting our nation in it's current state of disarray, in a sense.

So, no more.
I will speak out, up and against what I know in my heart is wrong.

I hope you will speak what's in your heart to.


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