A common thread-In the kitchen, at a tea and one small stamp

In the past few months I have spent so much time in the kitchen.  Cooking and baking up a storm and trying things I never have, which is sometimes challenging and always liberating.

I thought on the several things I most enjoy doing, in my spare time.  I love cooking and baking, I love writing and sending a letter and I love sitting and talking to people and at times I wonder....where is the common thread among these past times?

Yesterday I made a dinner and took it to some friends who could use a night off from daily responsibilities and I found such a moment of fulfillment when we sat around the table and I heard, "This is so good!" and "I love this!"  
The ironic part is that It had nothing to do with the fact that I had burned my hand on the skillet that afternoon or mastered a recipe.  No, not at all and the adulation, while appreciated wasn't why my heart was full.  It was because the best parts of life are making others, no matter who they are, happy. Making others feel loved and making others know you care about them.

And then the common thread.

I love cooking and baking because 99% of the time, it is for other peoples consumption and food that I worked hard creating, shows my love.
I love sending a small little note (and sometimes a newspaper clipping) because it reminds people that they are thought of and time was taken to tell them.
I love sitting and talking with friends because giving my time shows that people are important.  In the same way, when others can give me precious moments from their day, I feel loved.  Over tea this past Sunday, I looked at each of my friends and thought, "Their time is important and they spend it on me.  On us.  That's blessed."

The common thread is sharing and giving love.  I want to give love to those around me and I love ways that I can express that.

Sure, I can call and sure I can text but I am finding that the ways I enjoy most take a few more minutes but yield such a special response.
(small little piece of happy trivia: I put every stamp on upside down, with a little message underneath...)

We all want to feel loved, don't we?  It's part of who the Lord made us and we crave it.  We must first find it from Him or we will never discover real love from others, but when we do....

It's so very fulfilling.


And so on my quest to create, I cook and bake and write and sit and do all these things with such a open and willing heart.
I have been trying a bevy of recipes lately and often giving the food to others so they can give me an honest assessment.  As of late, I have been making lists of foods and meals I have always wanted to try but have been scared to attempt.  Or perhaps I didn't have the time.  

The next on the list is so All American that it begs me to give it the old college try.

I'm going to try my first Apple pie...from scratch. 

I'm mentally preparing myself for ultimate failure but will be thrilled if it comes out eatable and shareable. Using a cookbook I received from my cousin Janelle, I'm getting ready and rather excited.

In that same vein, I found this light wood cabinet at a garage sale for $5.00, this weekend.  A perfect house for all my many cookbooks.  There are so many and I love them each.  

Is it me or do you smile when you see organized kitchen tools?  It makes me so happy to know that there is a place for everything and everything is in its place. 

 In a smaller kitchen, it's nice to have everything have a specific home and I'm learning that you actually don't NEED a huge kitchen to cook and cook well.  Sure, I wouldn't mind an island to work on or a beautiful butcher block for chopping but it's not necessary.  My sweet turquoise kitchen, with little counter space still meets my needs.  

So, yes.
Cooking, Writing and Sitting.
There really is a common thread throughout, at least for me.
Beautiful ways to give and show love.

Hebrews 13:1
John 13:35
1 Peter 4:8


  1. "It was because the best parts of life are making others, no matter who they are, happy. Making others feel loved and making others know you care about them."

    i like the idea of the common thread. i sometimes say that my love language is food...but really i just want the light of Jesus to shine and food is what i can do...in the practical realm.

  2. i forgot to say that i really like the confetti blog banner.

  3. Love this post - what a wonderful "thread" to share! And while I hold nothing against you... I was totally shocked to read that you will be making your first apple pie from scratch, lol. Glad you're going to give it a whirl now - can't wait to hear how it turns out!

    1. The pie story you sent me, inspired me!

  4. Love you, too, friend!!! :) Shoot!! I forgot to give you the pastry cutter tonight! When are you baking that pie? I can drop it by...