the flower wall.

This is our flower wall.

The flower wall is in our upstairs hallway and it happens to be one of my favorite areas, in our entire house.
Recently, I had someone over and they took the home tour. After noticing the wall, she mentioned how much she loved the collage of frames and asked if I ever thought of putting it downstairs.  The same thing was said about several things in our master bedroom...basically that it was somewhat of a shame that the decoration wasn't on display where more people could fully appreciate it.

I was really flattered by how kind she was toward our personal style and it made me blush a bit (don't lie, you know you love that kind of stuff, too!).

It did make me realize how much I desire to style our home in totality and not for anyone else but our family.  Not to fit a current trend or to be a showcase for anyone. I desire for our home to be a cozy retreat (for everyone) and never a page in a catalog. Because we love it and it's a piece of us.
To me, that means taking care of all spaces in it....even a wall, upstairs, that only a few will see.  Because it's special too.

I suppose this could be a bit of a metaphor for my personal life and my heart for Christ.  It's often easy to be the Christian I know I should be....on the outside.  The parts that people will see and be exposed to.  And then I hide the portions of me that are less obvious.

Why would I do that when all of me belongs to the good Lord?  He knows me and there is no small crevice that can hide from Him because He brings all things to light.
He loves every part of me, not just the portions that the public can consume and he wants me to paint every wall of my being.

Bright, beautiful and full of fragrant flowers, displaying care and adoration, for Him.