The graduate.

Hello friends!

Yesterday, in the mail, I received our very first shipment of homeschool curriculum.  It ramped up my excitement for this upcoming school year and I settled into the idea. It made me take pause and think about how quickly the last four years have gone.  Truly, it's quite impossible to me that I have children.  Plural.

Then I began thinking about my friend, who has a daughter that is granduating from 8th grade and moving into high school.  Her ceremony was last night and we attended a celebration BBQ.  I couldn't help but shake the idea that the years are flying by.

They already have.  I look at Kensington and can't believe how tall she is. I can't believe the stories she creates or her growing hands that were once so small.  Then there's Frankie who I feel like we have had in our family forever, but she is a just a eighteen month old.  The possibility of baby moments is fleeting and yet....

I'm excited.

I'm so excited to see who they become and so excited to watch them grow.  Perhaps if we were able to rewind and pause life, we wouldn't love it so much.

So, here's to homeschool and learning (and inevitably making many, MANY mistakes, in the process).
Here's to living.
Here's to enjoying the days and not forgetting the years will catch up....
And here is to the resolve to embrace, expand and grow in my current life season.  Because its a beautiful thing to be able to raise a child. 

I thought of my friend who sat where I sit now, just a mere 9 years ago.  She must have wondered, while Mackenzie marched across that stage, at graduation..."Where did the years go?"

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  1. wow 8th grade. i'm in because sweet pea will be in 5th grade next year and i too pause and ask "where has the time gone?"
    thank God for blessing me with another wee one. (we have children? crazy talk)
    while my big baby grows by leaps and bounds I can revel in all the little baby moments and truly appreciate the milestones for what they are.
    enjoy your summer and I look forward to seeing how your homeschooling year goes!