Happiness is....

Three of my lady friends and I get together, every other week.  Our husbands get together on the opposite Wednesday.  It's become an expected routine, much like anything else. I love it!
It's also become something I very much look forward to and on that Wednesday.  Not to mention that I realized how I need a break sometimes.  Like, I really need a break. Just to level out. Does that sound selfish? I really hope not....

I also think about all the things I want to share!  Prayer needed, encouragement given and a listening ear! Chit chat is good for the soul.
Not to mention, I love learning about friends, don't you? They're fascinating! This week we talked about guns, zombies, the emergent church movement, sausage and school.  Eclectic, right?
It also doesn't hurt that we always have amazing food (this week it was tapas).

So, 3 cheers to the ladies!!!!

I would love to hear what makes you happy, this week.  Afterall....

happiness shared is happiness multiplied!

And a happy Friday to you!

{PS- I made a snazzy button (see left)!}
{PPS-New vintage in the shop!}


  1. Lately, happiness to me comes in the form of a sweet little baby grinning as I nurse her, complete with milk dribbling down her chin. :)

    1. Ah, yes. That makes me happy for you!

  2. This week happiness for me has been...making progress on setting up my new craft room (post cross country move), eating late harvest baby potatoes, and looking forward to our town's Elvis festival this weekend.

    Thank you very much for your comment on my return to silence post. I love your idea of saving up for a ranch and truly hope it happens for you one day.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. A organized craft room leaves little else to be desired, am I right? Blessed you!

  3. that sounds like a lovely evening tradition.
    this week happiness has been the sound of a little baby chatting away with his toys, a young girl helping her brother stay clean, laughter at the dinner table and the late summer nights.

    p.s. needing a break isn't selfish - it's survival!

  4. oh i love that.

    my happiness this week. is my boys spoiling me. my birthday is tomorrow. however we celebrated today with a road trip down south. we stopped at all my favorite places. yay!!!

    1. That sounds WONDERFUL! Tell me you did some thrifting?

  5. Happiness is also the weekly girls nights. I just love them! And I love you!