in the company of others.

The past three weekends have been spent in the company of others. 
I have to tell you....for a person who very much enjoys a free and clear schedule, one of the many perks of not having a million commitments, is being able to go wherever the moments leads.

That is just what the past few weeks have been and I have such a sense of contentment.

Our fearsome four have spent time with extended family, close friends, old friends become new again and people we are meeting for the first time.  Each encounter has been growth for me and if you think that is silly, I get it but I'm serious.  So much can happen over a twilight discussion by the pool, watching kids laugh and play in the front yard or a relaxing walk around the block.

I'm finding that, as I age, I sit back and ask more questions.  I ask people their opinion and just listen and it opens up such a dialogue, even if it wasn't what I expected or thought I needed.  It's so beneficial to be in the company of other people because it is then that I learn who I am.

How can we expect to fully develop, without being around people that have been raise differently, tell different stories and have obscure and amazing experiences?  We can't!  We have to learn about others to learn about ourselves, I really believe.  Part of the challenge of growing the firmness of our faith is understanding why we adhere and love what we adopt, as our core!  I suppose that is why I enjoy learning about anyone....because everyone is of value-just as much as myself-and everyone has a story.I want to hear them and ask questions and learn.

I have to say... I remember having a discussion with my husband at the signing our escrow papers (when we bought both of our houses).  He said to me, "We are blessed to be signing this paper."  I said, "Yes we are and there is a reason for it."

I truly think the reason for it is so we can use our house, our home, and our favorite location, as a meeting place.  We invite ANYone in and sit them at our table.  We serve them food and wine and ask them about how they are. We listen.  We laugh. We talk about children and life and the Lord.  Who they hope to be and who the Lord has created them to become.  I ask questions to learn about others, no matter the age or gender.  From 5 to 80, I'm learning that everyone has something to teach and I become more of myself, and happiness abounds, when I open my heart and my home to everyone.

As long as I have a mortgage, I will have open doors.
May anyone and everyone, walk through our threshold.


  1. i love this. this is what i want my home to be.

  2. What a deeply beautiful post and outlook on life. I'm elated that you feel so both feel and have been so blessed, and love that you wanted to share your happiness and how it shapes your interactions with others with us.

    Many thanks for your lovely comment on my vintage outfit post today, honey, I hope you have a joyful, awesome week ahead.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. We are indeed blessed and hope to always remain faithful in sharing those blessings and out time, with others!

      Your blog is a sweet spot in each of my days!

  3. I feel the same....some of my favorite moments have been in the late night hours chatting with someone I adore and finding out even more about them, their beliefs and their lives.
    It is my joy to have a house full of people, love & laughter any given day of the week. I pray that we are blessed to sign similar papers and have the same open door policy that you all have....

    1. You are the type of person that opens her heart and home to everyone....I can tell. Which is WHY you have so many lovely and wonderful people in your life.
      Blessed indeed!

  4. amen!!! we are gifted these earthly spaces, to share them with others! and beam that light of christ bright and bold.

    LOVE this. love you.
    p.s. i want to visit!

    1. Girl, you know you can come visit me ANYtime. Please do!!