In the turquoise kitchen.

There's something about a turquoise kitchen that keeps you cookin'.
I'm in that room all the time and I'm starting to think that I'm not too shabby at creating some pretty good stuff.

10 years into marriage (this July!) and I finally feel at ease when baking, throwing ingredients together and getting a little liberal with the spices.  I suppose it just took me some time to figure out my rhythm while being a chef. Or it's the turquoise kitchen.
It's incapable of making less than a happy dish!

My newest go-to lunch (thank you for the inspiration, Noelle) is a watermelon salad.

Cut up watermelon, throw some feta cheese in there, splash with balsamic vinaigrette and lime juice and top with basil.
You can't go wrong!

Back to the turquoise kitchen, I go!


  1. that looks yummy and like something I will be enjoying plenty of in the weeks to come.
    I think a colorful kitchen breeds inspiration and its great to feel that you have hit a rhythm with your cooking!

  2. balsamic make everything better.