Interests and artifacts.

Proverbs 28:20
Romans 12:6-8

Follow me with this small rabbit trail.

I was talking with my girlfriend, over lunch, and she was sharing things that interest her.  Classical music, literature, teaching children to read and baking.  A smile crept in while she detailed points in her life where she invested time and energy into these things and how much she felt most herself when involved in these activities.

I began to think about how fascinating it is that God lined us up and gave each of us unique interests.  Think about it.  You like things that other people think are totally boring, inaccessible or difficult to understand, but to you, it clicks.

So it's been for me and vintage antiques, for years.  It's not necessarily something that is an ongoing hobby for me, but rather a lifestyle.  Especially within the last 5 years, I really began investing moments of life into vintage refurbishment, selling, education and "picking".  My kids come with me, I furnish our home and meet the most incredible people.
I could sit for hours and watch documentaries about America pre-1960 and where things came from.  How they used it and then wonder why we began re-making some of these beautiful artifacts (that worked perfectly well anyways).  It also dovetails neatly with my love of American Government and Politics.  Once I went to an estate sale where there was a lovely collection of election pins and I about passed out.  I wanted one specific pin but the price was simply not right. 
 Artifacts are something I love and I'm not sure why the Lord set it up this way, but I'm sure I'll use it for some greater purpose, at some point.  Maybe I already have and I don't know it, I'm not sure.  At the very least, I find some pretty fantastic gifts for loved ones.

What I am sure of is that I am ultimately fascinated with anything made, used or purposed in the past. And you are fascinated with something too.  What is it?
Do you believe that the Lord delegated that specifically to you?  

I do.
And I think you need to learn more about it.  Maybe it's not for today.
Maybe it's not even for this decade, but I don't think the Lord of all creation does things arbitrarily and I think your interests are on purpose.


As an aside, I get to visit the location of one of my favorite shows, in August!
History, galore!

Oh and if any of you can figure out how to get Mike and Frank to take me on the road for one of their picks....?
Thank you very much.


In the meantime, I'll keep visiting estate sales, collecting for friends and family and dreaming about a brick and mortar store.  Until then, I have a small little space on Etsy


 Did you know that?
Small finds that will make you smile.  Updated pretty regularly and more to come. 
Many of the items are relatively young, but I'm on the search to update with some pretty special pieces. Then again, I think all pieces of the past are special in their own way (is that what all of the collectors on Pickers say?  If so, we need to move out of California so I can get a few barns.....)
It keeps me smiling and appreciating the past.
Go visit, if you have a moment and perhaps I'll take you on a tour of my home sometime, and share all the finds I have collected over the years?  Perhaps!

and don't forget.  

God gave you your interests.  Use them, use them for HIM and enjoy life a little more.

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