I've been shopping! (Estate Sale Finds Ed.1)

My alarm went off and I jumped out of bed because Thursday is the start of the weekends estate sales! Everyone knows that the best stuff is for the taking, bright and early.  Sometimes I have waited until the proper weekend, to hit the sales. Sadly, the outcome has always left plenty to be desired. My friend Amanda arrived at 6:30am and wrote in our names, God bless her (I got us next time, girl!).
We were #14 and #15 and standing in line for over an hour was worth it as my mint green picnic basket came home, burstin' with goodies.

Take a gander!


These are just a small sampling of treasures I found and It took all that is in me to not post each and everything I took home.  I need to save some mystery for the ETSY shop, right?  Not to mention the large vintage sale Amanda and I are doing in Fall (yes....it's happening and you are coming).  The accumulation has begun and with each piece I toss (or carefully place) in my basket, I think of whose home it will take up residence in.  Will it be yours?

As far as these precious towels...I almost just bought ONE towel at Anthropologie for $20.00 last weekend.  It stole my heart but then my brain kicked in and reminded me that $20.00 will feed my children spaghetti french bread for days. Just say no.  (weeping through the self-control).
When I saw this set of seven towels, it seemed much more sensible!

I desperately want to keep this atomic toaster, but alas....If I kept everything that I found, Sean and I would be able to apply for the Southern California installment of Hoarders. I've had to learn to say goodbye to even the loveliest of finds.

I'll be heading out tomorrow afternoon and Saturday morning, to several more sales, with my co-pilot, Kensington.  I promised her a pink, sprinkle donut in return for some spunky company. 

These items and much more will be available in the shop, soon!

(Oh and if you want to be on the mailing list for our vintage show in Fall, do leave a comment.  We promise there will be sweets, treats and much much music).

Happy Thursday!  


  1. well you KNOW I want to come....I still display my hot pink votive holders I scored at the last one

  2. I want those towels! How much?? :)

  3. I love those towels! I was dying for the "Best in Show" dog tea towel at anthro, but it was $22. Youch! Your towels are way cuter, anyways!

    1. I saw that one! I loved it too. Along with ALL the other ones!

  4. totally should have held the yellow coaster for ransom.

    where's my baby?

  5. What terrific vintage finds, I especially love the cute daily dish towels. One of these days I really need to either a.) make some myself or b.) buy cute old ones like that online.

    I really want to thank you for your comment on my Saturday Snapshot post yesterday, Rachel. I'm very touched to know that you felt like what I said applied to you, too, and that you could wholeheartedly relate to those feelings. I suspect that many of us are in the same boat, yet few vocalize it. It's awesome that you like to embrace your inner child too, and hope that you always do just that. (Three cheers for Babysitter Club books, BTW, I lapped tons of those up when I was little, too, and would totally still read them today.)

    Wishing you a relaxing, gorgeous Sunday,
    ♥ Jessica