Peace {weekend ed.}

I hope you have a peaceful weekend and enjoy all of the moments inside those two days.

Lots of relaxing. Resting. Calm minutes with the wind slowly reminding you that it's summer.
And the sun bronzing your skin.

I'll be relaxing on a blanket, watching my husband in a basketball tournament, seeing friends and then returning to enjoy home.
And some reading.

{Oh, and sifting through the vintage I found today.
Oh yes.
There's a lot.
A good lot.
Wanna see a bit?  Alright.


A very vintage-y, syrup-y, sweet pack of goodness that I snatched at a small house, packed to the brim.....
Anything catch your eye?  Some shall be in the shop soon!  Huzzah!

Will you be resting this weekend?  I hope so.  It's good to rest.
Rest, relax, sleep, dream,  read and take a good long look at every bit of the blessings around you.

And thank the good Lord for His providence.
And thank Him for the moments of respite. For the quiet, the sleep and the slower time to be.

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  1. I for one can not handle being gone alot. We love staying home and I am thankful my kids LOVE playing outside:) And yes I love cleaning the house and have everything in order.