The penny clink.

 Psalm 37:4

Life is good and in a sweet spot, right now, but it never hurts to think of the "someday".

Not dwell on it, but think on it.

And Sean and I think about it often and we plan and we have small notes we pass to each other, containing details of this someday and where we will be.  It's a someday far away but not so far that we can't dream and think of us, our loved ones and the beautiful moment when we look at each other and say....
"Today is the someday we used to think of.  Every day has been good and today is no exception."

So, we have a coin jar and with each penny I hear clink, as I toss it in the old coffee tin (and the others, dispersed around the house) I think of the desires of our heart, the fruition of blessings each day and the someday that we hope for.  If the actual "someday" doesn't match the someday in my mind, that is o.k and just as beautiful....because it will be the Lord that directs my someday.

It may happen the way I see and it may not and either way, it's just fine. 

The penny clink is just a happy moment in each of my day....and that truly is enough.

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  1. "Today is the someday we used to think of. "

    i think i need to say amen.