Smells Of Home-Split Pea Soup

“Soup is the song of the hearth...  and the home.”
Louis P. De Gouy

That quote is so true and I know this because my husband walked in ths house and upon smelling this amazing recipe, he said, "Oh my goodness..I need a bowl now. This smells like heaven."

Make this soup, enjoy each drip and think nothing of the calories.
Life is much better when you live like that, anyways.

Oh, and I don't really take fancy pictures of my food.  Sorry!  Would someone like to come help me with that?  I'll pay you in homemade biscuits.

Rachel's Split Pea Soup

1.75 cups of split peas (you can find them on sale at Fresh and Easy for $1.00!)
4 cups of chicken broth
5 -8 strips of cooked crispy bacon (8 if you REALLY like bacon, which we do)
Butter/Olive Oil (no true measurement, just eyeball it)
1 onion chopped
1 shallot chopped
1 carrot, peeled and chopped
3-4 sprigs of rosemary
2-5 cloves garlic (depending on how garlicky you like things)

(So, I'm not a precise cook.  I eyeball everything and add/subtract things as I go.  If that annoys you, I'm so sorry, but it's just the way I do it.  Sometimes It doesn't work, but often it makes things surprisingly better than I had hoped.)

Here we go!

Put bacon, chopped veggies and garlic in the bottom of a large dutch oven with some oil (or bacon fat!) and cook them for about 5 minutes (until soft-ish).  I kept adding oil as it would dry up but it isn't necessary.
Add broth, a little butter and split peas to the oven and bring it all to a boil and then shut it down to a simmer for about an hour or so.  I let mine go for about 2 hours and it was still great.

You can add salt and pepper, but I didn't it was so flavorful!  This pot fed our family and 4 other people, so it makes a bunch and is delicious!  

I made homemade croutons and threw those on top for some extra flavor.  If you want that recipe (EASY PEASY!), let me know!

Enjoy the soup and the beautiful fulfillment that comes from cooking an amazing dinner that all will enjoy!


  1. You know I love to cook, but for some reason, I always feel like I'm not feeding people enough when I make soup. Isn't that weird?!

  2. ok. a few things:

    i love pea soup.
    i eyeball ingredients, too.
    you are awesome.
    i would like to order some homemade biscuits, please.

  3. I'm in! I'll take your pics and the biscuits. Thank you!

  4. LOOOOOVE this kind of soup and your picture makes it fun! Would you like to link this up at our party this week? I know I love this kind of soup and there are probably many others that do too.