This one's for the boys.

To my husband who is an amazing friend to me but never forgets to be my husband.
Who works his tail off at his three jobs but never works too hard that he forgets we are at home waiting for him.
Who is a loving father to our girls but never forgets to be firm so they deliver the respect he deserves.
Who is an amazing friend to the other people in his life and never forgets that relationships are more important than almost anything else.
Who looks to the Lord for direction, when we are in the midst of trial or in the midst of joy.
Who loves his family and friends more than anything....and it shows.

To my father who has taught me to love and care for others.
Who taught me that a firm handshake is always better than a limp one.
Who taught me that hugs will always win the day and listening is the highest art.
Who has worked hard, his entire life, for his family.  Teaching me the ultimate work ethic.

To all the men in our life that treat my children like they are their own.
Who hug my girls, come to miscellaneous plays, parties and child centered activities, just because they care.
Who take my children to movies and make them know they are loved through the numerous amount of time and gifts given (ahem, Uncle Jonathan).
Who call on my girls birthdays to sing them a song and tickle them.
Who, in true father fashion, teach them words like, "fart" (ahem, Jacob).
Who come to the hospital, bring a meal or call to check in, when my girls are sick.
Who let them sit on their laps while watching a soccer game, asking far too many questions to answer.  And yet you still humor them.

To my Husband, Father and the many Uncles who invest in Kensington and Frankie's life.....

Thank you.
Happy Fathers Day.
We love (and need) you.


  1. Lovely, Rachel, and my dad taught me that a firm handshake is best, too! Not a limp fish. :) Silly uncles are great, too!