Two law professors, a pastrami sandwich and me.

2 Chronicles 7:4
Romans 13:1

To know me is to know that I truly enjoy the topic of government and am a bit of a political junkie.  Oh yes.  It's coursing through my veins.  
Ask my close friends.  They have no choice but to listen to me.  But it's me.  I can't help myself.  I read book after book about our country, where it rose up from and the incredible lives of those who framed our constitution.  I educate myself on anything I can get my hands on, as it pertains to US history and government.  Past and present.

I know what you're thinking.
And yes. You might be on to something.

At any rate.

I was invited to attend a event at the Nixon Library, last evening (by the way-you really should visit, if you live in the Southern California area).  The topic of discussion (which wasn't really a discussion but more of a debate between two Constitutional law attorneys) was Obamacare and it's fate, as it sits in the hands of the Supreme Court.  The scene was set-hundreds of attendees packed the ballroom and sat is lovely hand carved wood chairs, eagerly awaiting a heated exchange of ideals.
Topics included the proposed Affordable Healthcare Act, Prop 8, Arizona's SB 1070 law, specific civil and personal liberties and the reelection fate of President Barack Obama.

Both of the speakers are distinguished Constitutional Law Professors and both have appeared before the Supreme Court.  It was fascinating to hear both sides of the aisle (with Eastman being conservative and Chemerinsky, a liberal) and watch the back and forth banter. It was moderated by Hugh Hewitt (and a podcast of the event will be available on his website, shortly), who is a personal favorite. Both professors had interesting perspectives but I couldn't help but leave with a even more reinforced purpose and logic behind why I believe what I believe.  I suppose that was really the most beneficial part.  The debate not only educated me but caused me to think through what I believe systematically and fundamentally.  And how it is important that the Constitution is respected, upheld and not disregarded because of it's age.  It's who we are, as a country.

I was literally on the edge of my seat, the entire event, absorbing every word.  

(Not to mention the drapes and chandeliers were pretty snazzy)

To top off the evening, (as if it could get much better than discussing the constitutionality of specific laws) a trip was made to The Hat, which happens to make the BEST pastrami sandwich one can have. At 9:30pm.

So yes.
Politics and Pastrami.  
I couldn't have been more in my element.

Sidenote: I bought a "What Would Nixon Do?" mug.
Sidenote #2: I bought my first piece of election 2012 paraphernalia.  

AND...Don't forget!  It's Flag Day!  Our beautiful flag is swaying in the morning breeze.  Don't forget to bring yours out and display it proudly!

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