a day in the life....{through the cell phone lens}

My day starts off early, with this little girl and while I do appreciate that she is an early riser {much like her mama}, I would really like to sleep in...just once.  I think it's been about 3 years since I slept past 6am.  Truly and surely.
But, my time is coming.  Sean and I are going away in August and one of my MANDATORY vacation plans is to sleep.  YES. 

{At least one of us looks cute, that early.}

One of the many bonus' of getting up with the sun, is all of the things I check off my list, before 8am.  Like a little jog, while Frankie is in the jogger and Kensington follows, on her red scooter {best $30.00 ever spent}.  It's nice to have a morning sweat and know that you burned a few calories, too! {But, at this point I do still wish I was snuggled in bed}.

Dishes, get breakfast ready and fling open the back slider to turn on the sprinklers.

Speaking of watering plants....
I've been enjoying gardening still, even though it is getting more and more hot, during the days.
I saved some African Violets from Fresh and Easy, a few weeks ago. They were withered and sad looking {left over from the Mothers Day frenzy}.  At .99 cents, I couldn't pass them up and I brought them back to life! Huzzah! 
{oh yes, I love gnomes. you too?}

Lately, we have been outside every day.  EVERY.DAY.ALL.DAY.  Often we have friends over and I'm finding that the girls don't need more then a hose, some plastic trays and cups.  Happy as can be, which is nice because I get to sit, watch and appreciate the simple pleasures of life. It's pretty cool being a mom and getting a tan, at the same time...I have to admit.

 Lot's of estate sale-ing lately and filling up the shop.  Occasionally I run across something I have NO idea about and it stumps me {and irritates me}.  These dolls are adorable {and only .10 cents each!} but I don't know where they came from!  They're old and that's the extent of my knowledge.  GAH!  HELP!

Yesterday, during naps, I spraypainted some lamps.  It sure beats buying new home decor.  As my friends know, I like to spruce up the house {pretty much weekly} but only if it's free and I can do it myself.  I had leftover paint in the garage {from our move} and VOILA!  New decor awaits the hubby, when he gets home from work!

Things I don't have pictures for, but are daily occurances....
Coffee drinking
American Pickers watching
Kitchen floor mopping
Front yard watering
Finger nail painting
Neighbor visiting
Good book reading
Laundry folding
Homeschool planning
Letter writing
Husband hugging
Dinner prepping
Anne of Avonlea watching {Kensington told me that she thinks Anne's hair looks silly in a "puffy bun"}.

All in all, LOTS of lazy, slow days, which is good in my book.

And, if you have made it this far down, in a very uninteresting and particularly narcissistic post about my daily activities, I give you 5 pretend gold stars.
Thank you for indulging me....this blog is a documentation of sorts and I know I'll like to remember the lazy days, spent in the sprinklers! 

{ps-all pictures taken for instagram, which is my new favorite thing in the online world. i know, i know....im late to the party.}

{you? what are you up to?}


  1. I'm new to instagram, too. And I love it...though, do I really need another social networking tool to become obsessed with?!

    Those dolls look vaguely familiar. I'll have to shoot that pic over to my mom to see if she recognizes them!

    1. Got your email-looking into it, tonight! Thank you, friend! <3

  2. I'll take my 5 pretend gold stars thank you very much :) so happy to see you on instagram, its my fave!

  3. Lol, you crack me up. Love the way your days sound :)

    1. :):) I'm glad I make someone laugh, because my kids certainly don't think I'm funny.....

  4. oh those lamps look really great! and i loved playing in sprinklers when i was little. good memories.

    1. I have good memories of it too! My bro and I would spend forever out there....

  5. I am putting my 5 gold stars on my fridge, thank you!

  6. Thanks for the 5 gold stars and the enjoyable read. I'm so lucky my girl likes to sleep until around 8 or 9 sometimes, it figures as she has very late nights. you're a saint for running when you wake up. I walk around like a grumpy zombie for a couple of hours doing ohuse chores. And on work days (5am wake up) I would feel sorry to cross me on a dark morning. I did recently buy a bicycle so perhaps if I hopped on that in the morning and went for a spin things may unfold differently. I should try :-)