deliberate living. {#itsallaboutjesuschrist}

This week is VBS, at our church.
Sean and I are both working as staff and so I am able to be up close and personal with the inner workings of the program...reminding me of days gone by, when I was running a VBS of my own.  I will never forget how much work it was and certainly never forget how worth it, it was.

Throughout the week, I've been posting pictures on Instagram, sharing how many precious hearts are won for Christ, each day.  With each picture, I add the hashtag, #itsallaboutjesuschrist.

Because it is, isn't it?
{Or should I say, it ought to be}.

Which got me thinking {surprise}.

I can hashtag something like that. I can even say something like that to others.  I can think it, preach it, shout it, share it with a friend.

But IS IT the truth in my life?  In all my life?

And there is my sticking point. If I'm honest, there are plenty of parts of my life that are not all about Jesus Christ. They are all about me.
It's not that they are bad things or even things that I need to eliminate from my life, but rather I need to systematically look at each of them and infuse them with Jesus Christ.

I thought on my love for antiques and my sweet little store.  How I love estate sale-ing and collecting, sale-ing and shopping vintage.
It's not bad or wrong or evil or anything.  It's something I love and think about, often.

But, what I need to be thinking about is how it fits into my life and how Jesus Christ fits into it.  Or, perhaps, how I fit it into Christs plan for me.

I think I notice that I {and perhaps others} have so many turning wheels that we keep going and compartmentalize Christ into small sections and segments of our life.  That way we can have our hobbies, our priorities, our "must-do's" and also have God, on the side.  It sounds horrible, but I have to wonder if we are just programmed that way, by society.  Church fits into a neatly packaged box, on Sundays.  And then we go on our merry way and live out our days, doing what we want.  We allot a certain amount of time {and sometimes not even that, see YESTERDAY's post} and move on. It's not that we are participating in activities that are wrong, necessarily.  It isn't even that we shouldn't be doing them.

It's as simple as this.

All of earth, creation and subsequent things are because of God.
If we believe in Him, we are to live for Him.
If we are to live for Him, our actions should work in unison with Him.
Therefore, what we do should be about Him.

At times, this is where I struggle.
I want my life to be a reflection, but if I get to the nitty gritty, that is a LOT of work.  I have to be precise and thoughtful of all my actions.
Am I running a antique business that is ABOUT God?  That is a HUGE calling, but I push myself to think that if God is who I am living for and it really IS all about Jesus Christ, each facet of my life needs to prove that.
That's hard.
Really hard.
And exhausting.
Possibly life-changing.

I have to correspond with people FOR CHRIST.
I have to thoughtfully make choices re: antiques FOR CHRIST.
I have to Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter and email FOR CHRIST.
I have to use my time FOR CHRIST.
My vintage obsession has to shine the love OF CHRIST.

I'm sure some people would totally disregard this as getting WAY to specific and count it as an over-achiever getting lost in the minutia, but I would challenge that thinkin.

I've seen my life and what it can become, when I don't evaluate each choice carefully.
I become a disaster and I came unhinged small choice by small choice.
Eventually everything is about me, not Christ, and He becomes a casual nuance, in my selfish ambitions.

If it is all about Jesus Christ {which it is}, I need to be carefully evaluating each thing I do.  Especially the things I love to do the most.
God gave me those desires, now how I am I going to use them for HIS glory? Every small piece of every last thing I do.

{I would love to hear from you.  How do you deliberately shine Christ, through your hobbies, careers and interests?}


  1. I can understand how you feel about this because it's something I've struggled with. So..what I did with my Etsy shop and with design earnings is this:

    A certain amount goes to charity. Food banks. And we sponsor a little boy named Edgar in the Phillippines through Compassion International. There is more I want to do and will do when my Etsy shop sells bajillions, but for now, that's what works for me.

    I end up feeling good, I have some money for us, our life, etc...but I also know that I'm doing good, loving, helpful and God-like things with a nice chunk of it, too. I'm creatively fulfilled and my spirit feels good.

    You're a deep thinker- I love it. Reminds me of the stuff I'd say to my mom when I was little and she'd sigh and say "Tina..why can't you just be a kid?"

    Have a beautiful day!

    Tina :-)

    1. Thank you so much for sharing all of this-this is what I was hoping when I wrote the post. To hear how the Lord lays things on other people's come outside of themselves and make their passions about HIM.
      Thank you, Tina! THANK YOU!

  2. This is a mega convictor for me. Your last post too, by the way. I am a nurse so sometimes I get lazy in regard to this since I have a service profession. That means I'm ministering all the time, right? Pshaw! I have to push myself to remember that it IS a service profession. It's not about what I get paid, or my own personal credit, or to earn me brownie points with God. It has to be about the hands I can hold, the sick people I can has to be about the "least of these" and HE has to shine through me on my absolute worst days. This is a great challenge to me, Rachel and more I need to pray about.

    1. YES! I love this, Sarah.
      Because we tend to get stuck looking at things one way and when we flip it on its head it's amazing, isn't it? Like we are looking into a entirely new looking glass.
      When we are searching, things that have been similar for years, seem to take on a new shape.
      Good for you, friend!

  3. My neighbor just turned me onto this blog yesterday, and Rachel, I already feel as if your heart is kindred spirits with mine. I needed this post as I'm at a serious crossroads plans wise and in a major desert faith wise. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Heather! I'm so glad to "meet" you! Who is your neighbor?

      I'm so glad you found my space and I really look forward to getting to know you better! <3 <3
      Thank you for your kind words-Please let me know how the Lord works as you are in this crossroads...

  4. Hello! I used to read your CherryTree blog..and just found this one! I can tell a difference in your writing ...I can sense your spirit here when I read. Anyway..not to get all mushy but I am glad I found this one! Love the design too!!

    1. Nikki!!!!!
      One of my faithful readers over at No.17-I'm so glad you found me! YAY!
      And thank you for saying that-I am in a totally different place now, with CTW, then where I was with No. 17 and I feel the Lord is working in me.
      I'm so happy you commented!!