in a slow manner {and another Bible}.

I love the weekend.
It is lazy and slow and I think I've learned to master it by not pushing to make it spectacular.  Rather, just allow room for anything that may come and go.

And then Sunday comes and Sean and I sit on the couch downstairs.  I'm usually rubbing nail polish remover on my fingers and he's trying to pretend he isn't falling asleep.  I think about the impending week but never before I survey what we accomplished over the past few days.  By accomplish I mean what we enjoyed, which is most everything.

When there are days of freedom ahead of you, things like mowing the lawn (three cheers to a husband that does that, right?), going for a jog or even mopping the floor don't feel daunting.  They just are something to throw in the mix of relaxation.  There is no hurry or demands.  Just seeing what the day may deliver.

I suppose, in that sense, monotony is really good.  I like knowing what to expect and reveling in the normal things like cleaning out the toy bin or frying bacon.  Tasks that can easily occur Monday through Friday but on the weekend they seem just a wee bit more enjoyable.

Who knows why.

But I love it.


Speaking of the weekend, no weekend would be the same without an estate sale (in my book).  On my adventures this weekend, I came across a small house, in Downtown Long Beach.  Huge wide streets and very old trees.  What charm some of those neighborhoods have!
It was raining, and a majority of the merchandise was outside, so I was rushing a bit (a girl doesn't need frizzy hair, am I right?).  I did manage to find several gems and amongst them was this Bible.

Another forgotten book, belonging to someones daughter.  Someones mother or friend.
Sitting on a long plastic table, with old cermaics and a tackle box.

I picked up June Woods Bible, that was given to her in 1946 from Dorothy B Smith.
And drove home, imagining who these two woman were.
Sunday school teacher and pupil?

Maybe I'll never know, but it was fitting for this weekend.
A slow moment to sit back, flip through the yellowed pages and wonder.

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  1. i had the same kind of weekend - and feelings about it - right down to frying bacon!!

    i also bring home old Bibles when i find them.

    this was a great post. :)

  2. thanks for sharing..