oh, it was dazzling. {anniversary evening}

Our 10 year anniversary was so perfect.  Leave it to my husband {the forever romantic} to make it so special. We began at a sunny and beach-side restaurant, where we shared cheese and began talking. We talked about so many different things and then Sean pulled out 10 envelopes.
He said that each envelope contained something that corresponded with an idea that he has "learned" in the years we have been married. Each was so thoughtful and kind.  Some had gift certificates, some had little mementos and some had promises of things in the future.

After 6 envelopes, we were on our way to our second destination.

Although I asked for suggestions {and will be trying out some of them in the future}, we decided to go to one of our favorites.  Where we are never disapointed, enjoy the ambiance {truly, it's my idea of perfect} and feel quite in our element.

We went to Park Avenue.

We had an entire hour to use before our reservation, at 7:30pm, so we sat in the lounge and talked.  Again, we never lack for conversation and I opened the remaining 4 envelopes.  While each was so special in its own way, the last gift was spectacular.

Sean arranged for us to take a trip, in December, to Washington DC.....

I started crying, right there in my leather booth.
Sloppy tears and I threw my arms around his neck so passionately.
I was {am} thrilled.
I've never been to Washington DC and I have wanted to visit for as long as I can remember. Whenever the option would arise, something else stood in the way and so the trip would be put off or just dreamed about.

But Sean spoke with my parents, who have graciously offerend to watch our daughters and we are going.
I can't explain how happy I am.  I have already started researching places and monuments I must see.
And I would love and appreciate any/all recommendations you have.  Do this girl a favor and share your insight about this amazing travel destination.
Our nations capitol!  How did I get so blessed?!!!

When all is said and done, even though I am dripping with excitment....
The best present has been the last 10 years.
I thank the Lord constantly, for Sean and the oppurtunity to be married to such a unique individual.  I am very blessed and I make honest attempts to never take it for granted.  Sometimes I wonder how I managed to wiggle my way into his heart.

And then I realize....I had nothing to do with it.
It's all the Lord.  And His ways are perfect.


  1. Sounds like a perfectly wonderful evening! And D.C.!! I have only been once and I was 12 but I will never forget the Vietnam Veterans Wall. I was so moved at such a young age, I can only imagine how I would feel about it now. I was also chosen to lay the wreath at the tomb of the unknowns in Arlington. Again, very moving and if you are able to attend one of the wreath ceremonies you will not be disappointed.

  2. feeling and being loved the way you are by Sean is the gift that keeps on giving! so happy for you both...

  3. Happy Anniversary! All of it sounds amazing and perfect.

  4. What a wonderful night....and what the romantic you have in your husband. I went to Washington DC 20 years ago (in jr high) but I remember loving it and being in "augh" of all the monuments and Smithsonian. Enjoy, what a special trip. :)