Oh. My. Stars. {a moment I won't forget}

I really think there are moments in our lives when we say, "I'm meant to do this."

I've felt it about being a wife. Being a mother.  It doesn't happen often, but you don't forget it, that's for sure.

And today, I felt it again.

I recieved an email from a friend and she shared that her dear Uncle Ray had just passed away and they were going through his belongings {he lost his sweet wife several years ago}.  I had worked with her when she processed the same loss, a few years ago, with her own mother.
She thought of me and wanted to give me the first oppurtunity to go through the entire estate and take what I would like.

Before anyone else.
Please tell me you understand the gravity of that offer.  To an estate sale junky, that's like the holy grail.

I jumped.  Put on appropriate clothes. Packed lunches for the kids {they were amazing, by the way, for being asked to stay in a limited space for over two hours} and brushed my hair {bandana}.


As I moved through Uncle Rays home, I touched so many beautiful and wonderful memories.  I took care to not rustle or upset things that were carefully stacked or precisely placed, so that the family would have a chance to reflect where needed.  I picked pieces that had meaning to him.  To me.
I saw memories be boxed up.
I made many piles of sacred, beautiful items that had a legacy and a past.

And I realized, "I am meant to do this. This is what I should do.  Whatever "this" is, it's what's inside me. I love it so much."

I can't define it yet and who knows where it will go.  At times I try to define where the path might lead.  Dealer? Collector? Estate Sale Curator? Or perhaps I will enjoy and thrive right where I'm at.  Etsy seller.

What I can define is where I am now.  I'm a mother and a wife {which are the most important titles in my life} and each step will be prayed about as opportunities present themselves but I'm not going to figure it out.  I'm not going to press it, or make it happen, or over-think it.

That's the beauty.
I'm meant to do it but I'm not meant to sort it all out right now.
Come what may. Come what the Lord sends.

There's freedom in that, isn't there?

{and tomorrow I'll share my thoughts on some of my amazing and precious finds}
{AND I would love to hear what you know YOU are meant to do.  tell me.}


  1. interesting you should pose this question. I actually wrote about something similar to be posted tomorrow. I'm in the process of wrestling with what I am meant to do beyond be a wife & mother.
    I know making women feel beautiful is one of them...that just brings my heart joy but I feel writing is the other....I just need to discover how/when/where.....

    1. oooooh! I can't wait to read this post, Amber.

      And I think that your gift is REAL and SPECIAL.
      You enhance the beauty that the Lord has given each of us and that is wonderful.
      Keep at it.
      Maybe a makeover is in my future?

    2. umm YES! give me a date a date and I will show up - tools in hand (well in the tote) and we will enhance your natural beauty!

  2. lovely post. and i adore the pitcher - just like my mom had when i was little.

    1. Oh, really?
      I just love it when people tell me that-nostalgia makes my heart beat faster! Love it!

  3. Love this. And excited for what's ahead.

    And...for me, its a personal assistant. So, if you know anyone looking for one...give them my name and number. Thanks, friend! :)



      But seriously....get back from TX because my kids miss you. And so do I.

      And I love where the Lord is leading you!

  4. OH WOW! That cuckoo clock.
    And so many other things--the pitcher.
    I have dreams of doing estate saling with you.
    I think we'd be a good team.
    Love from,

    1. I don't think.
      I KNOW.

      Let's make a sale happen, yes?

  5. Here's what I love about these posts. You go into a sad situation like the loss of a family member with total respect and reverence and you find little bits of hope and happiness in all the mess. I do think God has given you a special gift and it's a gift that I'm sure you've used in a million different ways, but you've found the one that makes you happy, teaches your children, and helps you grow in it's own special way. I read this and felt really happy for you. I feel your joy and I am so thankful for that!

    1. Thank you for feeling this way, Sarah. I truly appreciate your appreciation for what I feel the Lord has been calling me to, for years. It's such a special thing to me, so it's lovely for others to "get" it....


  6. So great, Rachel. I love searching through yesterday's treasures, too. But mostly just when my mom is in town or when a good friend has a free afternoon. I'm in the process of planning our women's retreat for church and have had some of those same feelings...like I 'belong'. It's a gift, is it not?

    1. YES! You are listening to the Lord and that is a wonderful thing! PRAISE HIM!

  7. I have tried and tried to do something else..but God keeps leading me towards children..I am meant to teach children..i love the smell of a new notebook..and decorating a classroom..it is what it is...i can't help it!

    1. That is, indeed, His calling, if you feel it in your heart. I love that you smell notebooks like I do. I'm not THAT weird, right?

  8. Rachel in some deep and wonderful way you have entered our family's inner circle by helping us share their earthly treasures. My family members led fairly simple lives ... nothing flashy, nothing pretentious. Their real treasures were stored up for them in heaven, but the items stashed away in a little house on Centralia Street in Lakewood certainly spoke about their lives here.

    Thank you for being able to jump at a moment's notice. You were a huge help, and frankly, you NEED to go into full-blown estate sale management. I know there are myriad families who would be releived to hand you the house key and allow you to take a massive burden off their shoulders. :D

  9. I'm so glad you linked this up with our Thrift Haul because I totally get it and feel the same way. Love finding a kindred spirit! <3