Small Spaces Sunday {Ed.2}


Small Spaces Sunday is a weekly link up and a place where you can share with all of us!  Join us as we share our homes smallest spaces and are reminded of Gods blessings in our lives, one nightstand or bookshelf at a time.

-Feel free to share any small space, in your home.  Tell us where it is and why you love it.  Most importantly, tell us how the Lord blesses you, each time you walk by it!
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One of my favorite Small Spaces is our "tree table".  We call it this because {obvious}, of the large picture in the background.  I found that piece of art a year ago, at the local nature center, where they were displaying new artists work.  I love that verse and immediatly knew that I wanted it.  It happened to be the artists first sold piece.  I love the colors, scripture and the reminder each and every time I look at it.
The "tree table" holds my favorite lamp {a great find, at an estate sale, by my sister in law}, my record player, which is used daily and my favorite candle.
The pictures on the table {or, more accurately, the sideboard} are of my husbands grandma, father and uncle.  They are over 50 years old, but he loves them and they tell a story. He was given the pictures and other mementos of his family, when his grandmother passed away and they are all displayed carefully, around our house.
Most of all, I love this space because of what the piece of art represents.
I want to be the tree.
Ever growing and yet firm.  Strong and resiliant in my faith.
The Lord speaks to me, through that painting, often.


Please share your small space with us and link up!


  1. I've started really falling in love with small spaces, and generally with small houses (I'm guessing because of my aunt's and uncle's house). Thank you for sharing yourself and your creative heart, Rachel!

    1. Thank you so much, Lynn.
      I'm with you-I'm drawn to small spaces, as well.

  2. I love these small spaces but I can not view the first one.

    1. that one is mine. my blog is private at the moment because we are in the middle of an adoption :)