Small Spaces Sunday

{This is my nightstand.  Fresh flowers from Trader Joes, DICKENS collection of writings, a small picture of Jesus, my favorite antique catalog KOVELS, and my radio. All housed on a nightstand found at an estate sale for $5.00.  Complete with cup rings, but sweet anyways. }

I think I've mentioned before that each room and space, in your home, is special.  Well, if you let it be!

You don't have to have loads of money.
You don't have to have a knack for decorating.
You don't even have to have the nicest and brightest pieces of furniture...

At least, I don't think you do.
What I do think is that we each can work with what the Lord has blessed us with.  Big and small.
And each small space can be a reflection of Him, what he allows you to enjoy and the many small things He has peppered your life with, along the way.

I thought it might be nice to share our small spaces with each other?
To inspire one another and just share a bit of ourselves.  I like learning about you and seeing who you are.

Sundays will become "Small Spaces Sunday" {or SSS} and I feel like it might be a sweet space to shine the Lords joy!  You can also use hashtag #smallspacessundayon Instagram!

I'll begin next Sunday, July 29th and I'll provide a linky for everyone!  That way we can come visit your little online nest.

Join me, won't you?