blog all the things {and Almost Amish details}

Hey Howdy Hey everyone.
How are you?
I'm feeling better, after a nights sleep.  Thank the good Lord for Nyquil, soft beds and sweet husbands who make you coffee, without you even asking.

Alright, so the post title.
Have you ever seen this?

It cracks me up and simultaneously describes some of my blog posts.  On my old blog, I tried to make cute catch-all phrases, for the days that I wanted to post about 27 random things, which offered no cohesiveness.
Now, I just tell it like it is.
It's a random post and I'm going to BLOG ALL THE THINGS.
I've been told one of the cardinal rules of blogging is to post about only one subject at a time.

Oh well.

On with the random parade.
But before I BLOG ALL THE THINGS....


Almost Amish Details:
I'm so excited for everyone who will be joining me in reading this book.
What I would like to do is read a chapter a week.  After looking in to the book further, there are 10 chapters and each seems to be specific. I don't want to detract from the message by covering more than one at a time. Does that work for you guys? 
I would also love, if a chapter really speaks to you, for you to feel welcome to email me some of your own responses so I can share with everyone.  It's a community, afterall!

I will blog about the first chapter on Monday the 6th!  Get reading! {and email me, anytime, with your thought!}



Just several of my abundant estate sale finds, lately:

Lunch pail goodness (never been used and still has the liner and thermos!}.  A good ol' construction workers lunchbox, from the 1950's.  I dig it.

A sweet, re-useable, embossed tablecloth, with a gold shimmer and padding on the bottom.  Still in original box and begging to be used, this Christmas:

One of the estates I went through contained quite a collection of matchboxes.  Many were in plastic sleeves, so they are in pristine condition.  I just love that people used to have collections.  I feel that the habit of having a collection is dying off, don't you?  If you could collect anything {that you don't already}, what would it be?  Or do you already have a collection?  I would love to know!

A bunch of small little plastic animals, mushrooms {think Alice in Wonderland}, and cupcake sticks.  Very random, but sweet, nonetheless.  Except for the creepy bunnies,  And then I turn around and saw Christmas candles. Some in good condition and some not so much.  But still.  They made me happy:

One of my favorite finds, in a loooong time.  This pair of squirrel lamps are a set from the famous potter Van Briggle.  Love them, the color and the fact that they are squirrels but cost a pretty penny.  Hey....even high class people love woodland creatures, am I right?

A never use Wedding album, from the 50's.  Good intentions, left in a old garage {which made me sad}:

And my latest project.

 Recently, I was given a working 8mm projector unit, with a entire collection of one family's home videos.  It's rare to find these in good working order and although I had to fiddle and work on it for a few hours, I got it to work, nicely.  The light bulb still works {good thing, because they are almost obsolete and very expensive} but the picture is fuzzy.  I'm working diligently to figure out the problem.  I want so badly to watch the videos and get a glimpse into someone else's life, from the 1950's-70's.  Priceless, really.


 And then there's my girls.  Growing so fast and being ridiculously adorable at the same time.  Sure, there are moments that I yell, "OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!" {don't you?}, but overall, I can't complain. These children are pretty great.  They keep me entertained, all day long.
Look at K with her best pals.  They take a small dance class at the local parks and rec.  It's pretty cute.
and then there's Frankie,  So very sweet and spicy. 
My daughters are amazing.
I'm blessed.

I think that's it.
It's August?  Is anyone else excited that we are a month away from officially being able to celebrate Fall?!!

Ok.  That's really it.

And sorry I had to BLOG ALL THE THINGS, all at once.
Sometimes, it just happens.

{oh and I'm linking up with Simple Design.  God check out the site!  It's awesome!


  1. estate sales just love you. you find the BEST things!!

    1. I can't tell you how much fun I have. It makes me all giddy!

  2. Almost fall?! I didn't even think about that. You just made my day.

    1. Huzzah! I thought about it again this afternoon and it put a huge grin on my face....

  3. Things I heart about this post....1. Its your blog so blog all the things if you want, that is what I say! 2. The squirrel lamps. 3. The old home videos and projector(how awesome!) 4. I love Fall!!!
    Can't wait for the book study! Monday sounds great to me :)

    1. I love that you love that I BLOG ALL THE THINGS!

  4. Replies
    1. I'm sending one to you and one to Amber.
      Except I'm just going to set them on your nightstand, so you wake up with them staring at you.

  5. I generally blog all the things all the time.
    Random scattered posts are my signature.
    I personally love collections. I used to collect matchbooks from every restaurant/club/hotel I visited but now they don't leave them around so much. go figure.
    now I collect shot glasses. we have one from every place we've visited and when anyone goes ANY where my first response is "bring me back a shot glass!"
    This is why I have a few from Australia and other exotic locales.

    1. Oooh-I like that you tell your friends to get you one! Where is the most exotic local, you have one from?

  6. if your brain is all things at one time..then your blog is all things at one blog is usually a brain dump for me! to do is my blog!! so HA! LOL!!
    excited about the book!!
    yay for Fall!!!
    love your finds...very cute stuff!!!

  7. OBSESSED with the squirrels. I have looked at them 50 times and am glad they were included in all the things being blogged about!

    1. Aren't they great? I want to KEEP THEM.

  8. OK, so a few comments here.
    #1. I have a million--give or take--collections. And I keep starting new ones.
    #2. That lunchbox--I'm dying.
    # 3. Those squirrels--I'm dead.
    #4. Tap? How stinking cute is that?
    Love from,

    1. Tell me about some of your collections {I love the rocks that are shaped as hearts}. I want to hear more.

      That lunckbox-I was thrilled when I found it.

      The squirrels are ridiculously pretty in person.

      And tap. It's too cute for words.

      Love you.

  9. those squirrels! i forgot to breathe for a moment. amazing, simply amazing.