Friday Round-up: Happy Weekend // Don't forget // These kids // I'm loving //

I hope you have a happy weekend.  I'm planning on it!  {does anyone ever plan on having an unhappy weekend?} No matter what you have planned, I hope you take a few moments, lay outside on the grass and face the sun.  Feel it on your skin and soaksoaksoak it in and breath easy.
Or maybe go out and run and feel the sun that way.
I've been running more lately, have I told you that?  I don't think I have, but it's been wonderful and good for my energy level, my emotional well-being and my spiritual relationship, with the Lord.
More on that later, I think.

And don't forget about Small Spaces Sunday Ed. 2 that will take place on Sunday.  Link up and share your beautifully small nooks and cranny's, with all of us. I know that I love seeing tiny pieces of a home that, otherwise, might go ignored.  Let's illuminate the small!
Also, don't forget about Almost Amish Chapter One review, on Monday! I'll be back and sharing with you what I thought, how I plan to implement Chapter One in my own day-today and would love to hear from you, as well.  Get reading {maybe in a lawn chair, with a cold iced tea and sunscreen?}!

Now for these kids.
I present my two darlins. Rapscallions. But darling rapscallions.
I know. Stop the cute train because you just pulled into the station.

 And, as far as I'm loving....
Sometimes I find the neatest things {or so I like to think} on ETSY.  This shop makes me smile because it's not like anything else I have found.
I would happily wear this:

I found this post and it was wonderfully convicting.  Let's call those around us, this weekend, and tell them they are special to us.  I already started.

Someone just emailed me and told me they found this. I bought 10 copies {and so did my friends and family} and plan on showing them to my kids someday and saying, "See!  I WAS COOL AT ONE TIME!"


Alright, I guess that's about it.
I'll see you on Sunday {I hope!} and hope you enjoy the weekend, truly.
{tell me what you'll be doing!  i love hearing!}


  1. What am I doing this weekend?
    Looking forward to my next date with you.
    Enjoying catching up on your blog after 2 weeks away from home and blogs.
    K's hair is AMAZING!
    Love from,

    1. I can't wait to hang out again. Where shall we go next time? I like Starling Diner, in LB. Have you been?

      And I can't wait to hear what you've been up to the last 2 weeks.

      <3 <3

      PS-read Almost Amish with me. I know you'll love it.

  2. Just relaxing with the family! Also sewing and organizing the kids room. Enjoy your weekend!!

    1. Relaxing at home is my FAVORITE weekend. Unless I was offered a weekend in Paris. Then I would have to say that would be my favorite weekend.

      Love you, friend.