11 years, gone by.

I wake up each year, on September 11th, and I'm filled with the same feelings.
Each year.

Deep regret for each family that lost a loved one.
Anger at the depravity of man.
Sadness for the way that America was forced to change, in one trecherous moment.
Extreme pride of our President and how he handled that monumentous time.

But most of all, I feel allegiance.
A deep allegiance towards America, which increases every day.
It's strong and deep, inside my bosom and it's growth is never ceasing.

May God continue to bless our nation.
11 years later and a completely different landscape but still a nation that was founded on the most beautiful of principles and is under-gird with freedom and liberty.

God Bless the United States of America, eleven years later.


  1. You missed your calling friend...politics is in your blood.


  2. Very well said. Thank you for your words, I completely agree : )