Little raindrops.
On the window ledge, misty in my hair. Buckets at my feet. Filling the street and hanging on leaves. Flowing and falling and sideways streaming.
Warm or cold or even stormy.

Please begin.
And don't disappear until next May.


  1. Move to Georgia if you like rain! We get rain at least twice a week. Sometimes it's just for a few minutes, other times it's for hours and accompanied by thunder and lightning. As a CA girl born and raised (we moved to GA last fall,) I LOVE the rain we get here. And so much more. Georgia is great!

  2. You got your wish!
    Have you built a fire this morning?
    And are you sitting by the fire with a cup of tea and a blanket across your knees?
    I hope you are loving every moment of this rain.
    Thinking of you and hoping we can enjoy conversation soon. (I liked that post)
    Love from,