A new oven. A blessing, indeed.

Yes, I am still disappointed {ever so slightly, I can't tell a lie} that we aren't going to Washington DC, this December.  Especially when I think about the Christmas lights and the thought of Sean and I, strolling through the city, with a hot chocolate and all of my many tourist maps, that I had started collecting.


It will happen someday and in the meantime, I have a new little friend that is making me smile.

Meet my new oven.

It came yesterday and I gotta say.
I'm pretty excited.
Our previous appliance was a microwave/oven combo and it was small.  I had to special order cookie sheets to fit.  I didn't like that.
When I found out that a double oven was a option, I was so so so excited.

And so it came, was installed and I looked at it.  I have to say, I'm so grateful.  I'm grateful that it is here and what it means to me-being able to cook and be at home and make food that makes people happy.  That means something to me.  Maybe it will mean giving someone something, on a day they feel the walls closing in or maybe it will simply mean feeding my family.
But I think this oven is a good thing and something I'm thankful for.  Two ovens to feed many.

I'm happy to have the chance to feed people and my family and food to eat.
It's a good thing.

Speaking of a good thing....
I tried THIS recipe for the first time.
I'll be sharing my thoughts and pictures, next week, but let me just say.....

I was able to give four batches away and that was the best part of all.
Sharing food and love, with others.

Washington DC will always be there and we will go someday.
I'll happily enjoy my super snazzy, double oven, for now.
{Should we name it?}

Happy Weekend!

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  1. So happy for you and your pretty new oven! And thank you again for the cinnamon rolls. They were seriously amazing and delicious!!