are you kidding me?!

Edited to add AGAIN: 
By George, I think I got it!!!!!!!

Edited to add:
{NOW it's not working again.It reverted back to the old system.  I throw up my hands in exhaustion and wonderment {so dramatic, I know}.  I'm not sure what is going on, but I don't have time to fix it, now.  I have four kids, waking up from their naps, so I'll try later.  Sigh.}

{This is my, "Are you kidding me?" face, in case you were wondering.}

Hey everyone!
My friend, Jen, called me this afternoon.
As she has done, on several occasions in the past, she lovingly pointed out that there was a 189% better way, to handle things on my blog.  She always does it with love and very gently, but in her words, any blog popularity I have experienced has been a "happy accident", since I am rarely strategic about my post times, post labels, audience growth or anything else that makes your blog explode like dynamite.  She tells me things about blogs and I stare at her like a deer in the headlights.
Her brains are that big.

I lead you to believe that after five years of blogging, I know what I am doing, on this laptop.
Not so, my fine friends.
I mean, sometimes I do.
But not really.

At any rate, she alerted me that she doesn't receive a notification alert/email when I respond to her comments.


I was so bummed out. I have been commenting to SO.MANY.OF.YOU.FOR.SO.LONG and to think that you aren't getting them or having to wade through old posts to find my reply made me super sad.


I changed the comment sections on my blog to DISQUS and so hopefully, when I respond to your comments, or when ANYone responds, you'll get a notification, via email {you'll need to click on the right hand side of the comment box and subscribe to the comments, to receive notification/where it says "stars" I think....}.

I'm hoping this allows us to really engage in conversation, dialouge and debate here.
I love the community that is forming and I desire to deepen it!

Comment away.
And hey, since it's DEBATE NIGHT, why don't you let me know if you'll be watching {sorry to those of you who woefully hate politics, but it's important, ya'll!} and what you'll be dining on, during.  Do you follow the Twitter-verse? If so, who do you follow?  Do you watch several channels coverage?

I, personally:
Sit with my computer on lap.
Follow commentary on, and
Watch my husband pace back and forth, behind my chair.
Have a glass of wine handy, as it makes the rhetoric sting a little less.
Have my cell phone handy for when my friends text me with "commentary".

And tonight, I plan on making some Chipotle happen.  I'm not sure how, but where there's a will, there's a way.

Your turn.


And thank you, JJ.
You, your Bambi eyes and your wealth of knowledge on all things bloggy, makes me want to squeeze you, tightly.
I'm your fan, for life.
Jazz hands.


  1. Of course I will be watching! I watch with a big group of friends. Children must be seen and not heard :) Defintely a glass of wine. Tonight is tortilla soup. On twitter during the debate I pretty much just follow @dennismiller and @greggutfeld Always good for a laugh.

  2. I wish I could watch a debate without feeling like my head was going to explode...I feel it way too much. To me as a Christian some issues are just really very cut and dry. So when they arise in debates I'm liablel to throw my shoe at the t.v. I'm better of reading recaps. Lol.
    Have fun tonight.