Billy Graham, the issue of abortion and Monday.

When defending their political position, I have heard many a Democrat say the following, "Well, did you know that Billy Graham is a registered Democrat?"
Yes.  I did know that, actually.
Billy Graham released the above statement, this week, which has been published in several periodicals, including the Wall Street Journal.  I have to say that I was pleased when I read it, as I hold each of the mentioned beliefs, close to my heart.  Especially the issue of abortion.
I know plenty of democrats and we can debate on policy all day {that's if they choose to engage}, but one issue I will not relent, is the issue of abortion.  I have known people who've underwent abortions, I have watched the horrific videos of early/middle and late term abortions. I have been to rallies I have seen the pictures and I have still YET to hear a argument {as to why it should remain legal} that causes my heart to turn and accept its rightful place in our culture, no matter the circumstances that surround it.
Some people will stand on the argument that it won't be overturned and so why use that as a barometer with which to vote? They site that there have been Republican and Democrat presidents alike that have done nothing to change anything.  Some say that if we overturn Roe v. Wade, woman's rights {such as the right to contraceptives} will go with it.  People speak of woman's rights to their own body as if it is horrible to tell a woman she can't do something with her body.  It's her body. Who am I to tell her what to do/not do. And then people choose to use the, "It's not my business to question someone else."

I choose to believe it IS acceptable {in a just and ethical democracy} to tell a woman she can not terminate the life of a living baby, in her body.
 I choose that just because something can't/"won't" be changed never means you should cease to stand in the gap for what is right.
I choose to believe that we, as Christians, should care for the least of these.  That is our job.

To their argument I share this quote:

"Some people argue that changing laws will not eliminate abortions.
It is certainly true that a change of heart is more important than a change of law. What is forgotten,
however, is that the law is the great teacher.
Children grow up believing that if a practice is legal, it must be moral."
-- Cardinal John O’Connor

Abortion is wrong.  And people need to stand against it.
It's not as simple as calling it a wedge issue and weighing its importance against other issues like Medicare and the economy.
It is an injustice and a Bible believing Christian who refuses to acknowledge it's horrible existence and be abhorred that it is in existence {rather than not think about it} should be working to end it.
Especially Christians.
And yes.  That will mean getting out and doing something about it, instead of simply speaking the words but we should be doing that anyways.

And yes. That should mean evaluating who you are voting for. Voting for candidates that do not view abortion for exactly the extremist act that it is, is putting power behind a set of ideals I refuse to accept as Biblical, moral or positive.
It's horrible and sad that it is even a discussion.... but it is.  And until it's no more, it needs to be brought up.
Especially when voting.  


The third and final debate is on Monday.  Will you be watching?  I sure will.  Sipping my glass of "debate wine" {in order to wade through the mire} and discussing with friends.
You should watch too!

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  1. Yes and amen. Every word. Thank you so much for sharing your heart on these matters. It is risky, much needed, and so refreshing.