Escape to the abbey.

Who doesn't need a dream post, every now and then?  It's nice to escape our brains, on occasion. Personally,  I choose to fly across the pond {although I could never leave these beautiful states, in real life}.

I've loved Downton since before I began seeing it pop up, all over and everywhere.  I'm glad for this because had it not been this way, I would have probably avoided it because of all the pomp.  Call it my stubborn streak, but I don't like succumbing to the current trends.  Even if it is warranted.

However, timing was right and I love Downton, much like everyone else.  I eagerly await the third season, in January. {Yes, I've been sent the link to watch it prematurely, but won't do it}.  Our friends are all watchers and we, of course, will have a premiere party, as revealing in something wonderful much suits us. If I watched it right now, I would be in deep trouble.

Downton is more than just a quick needle in the arm, when I have a hour to fill.  It's more than charachter development and plot lines.
It's a little piece of the past, where I find civility was championed, and I wish it were the same now.
No matter who the reader, on this blog, they will never find I make peace with the casual nature of our society and for that, I apologize {albeit half halfheartedly}.  My dissatisfaction for quick texts, hurried lunches and ill behaved children will never deplete.  I much prefer the days where people held their tongue {a virtue I'm cultivating, no matter how difficult the task}, wrote telegrams, walked in silence and found honor in anything and everything their hands where put to. Maybe a time when things took more advance thought.  People put more detail in fewer things rather than fulfilling every small thought that plunged itself onto the landscape of their imagination.  Less driving, more staying, more talking or perhaps just less noise.

I love the episodes {really, please watch, if you haven't} where dear ol' granny was stunned by electricity, a swivel chair or a phonograph.  Or, the worst possible offense-her granddaughter voting or wearing pants! Mercy!
 Each made me laugh, but also question....."what did they do when...."?  It was a different time.  A much different time.  One that I have no understanding of, but wish I did.
Do places like that still exist? 

Of course, all generations will leave something to be desired.
But I'm bewitched by Downton, beginning to the most recent end.
With William and Mary standing, in the snow, glowing.  Basking in their love for one another.
I sat, in a puddle, on my couch.

Secretly {or not really} wishing I was adorned in dripping lace, beautiful peach colored gloves and a butterfly brooch in my hair.
Calling for the footman to ready my tea or maybe just to hear the bell ring.
Sitting on a tefted seat, penning a letter to a dear friend and once I hand the telegram to the post, eagerly anticipating the reply.
Maybe riding a horse through the English country or simply walking down cobblestone streets.

Does this all sound too petchalent?  If it does, I'm sorry and I hear a little baby crying out for me, so dream state is over.
For now, that is.

{oh, and my friend Michelle and I are soon to have a date to watch CRANFORD.  Have any of you seen it?  She assures me I will adore it.}


  1. i am Downton fan tooo... a new one. I just watched season 1 & 2 in July and now am anxiously awaiting season 3. I too wish to walk in silence down a country road, dress up for dinner and call chauffeur when i need to run to town.
    back to reality.

  2. Tell me more about Cranford. Sounds right up my alley!!!

    1. I'll let you know what I think after we have our viewing party! I can't wait to watch it. Just what I need. Another show to fall in love with.

  3. I LOVE Downton and I LOVE Cranford! North and South is another great one! I'm totally with you on missing the slower pace, the manners, the ettiquette, everything. At least we can still have empire dresses sometimes...

    1. I watched North and South when I was in high school. LOVED it. Our whole family watched it together, although in hindsight, it wasn't always appropriate, was it?! ;)

  4. You NEED to read "The American Heiress." It will hold you over if you need a downton abby fix:)

    1. This has now been added to my Amazon shopping cart! Thank you!

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  6. YES!!!!! all this and more. Abel and I saw Downton on a whim before the hoopla last fall. We also would have probably shunned it otherwise. We dove into season 3 with great zeal. Loving it. {duh} {grin} Your premier party sounds fun...wish there were people who'd get all done up around here about it.

    Cranford is a-mazing! Cranford 2, not so does leave room for a Cranford 3. But I'd be gunshy to see it. Your friend mentioned North and South: it's wonderful!!

    We also love the new (2009) BBC Emma and Wives and Daughters! All just beautiful and timeless. Makes my heart happy, indeed.

    "What is a week-end?" {ah, Maggie Smith. LOVE!!}
    Long live true romance and wit.

    1. Good to know, about Cranford. I'll keep that in mind!

      And now I'm looking into your recommendations {read: putting them in my AMAZON basket}.

  7. Oh, that swivel chair scene ... perfection!

    Cranford?! Sign me up!

    1. Isn't that the greatest scene? I laugh each time!