ignoring a nasty rumor.


I heard a nasty rumor that the temperature, in Southern California, is supposed to spike again.
By Monday of next week, it's supposed to be a warm 86 degrees, which doesn't exactly suit my fancy.

But, for now....

The storm clouds are rolling in, sprinkles are on their way and the forecast looks wet.
 Just how I like it.

It looks like I'll have to fulfill my promise {made last week, in the heat} to Kensington.
"Yes, K.  If it rains, the three of us will put on rain-boots and run in the puddles and I'll get all wet, with you."

Here's to enjoying the rain, today.
No matter the forecast.


  1. all we've got is a sprinkle over here. I'm hoping it gets a little more interesting so I can show it to Carson but not before noon. I didn't send Cam with an umbrella. oops.

  2. i heard that rumor too and i'm choosing to turn my nose up at it too. it's been the never ending summer. can't wait for the rain to make it way to me. i'm definitely going to do some puddle jumping when it does. sigh

  3. i am pretending it is only a rumor and is not fact that temps are expected to spike 20 degrees, i am just enjoying this fall weather i want summer to be behind us for good