Monday is for everything.

*The kids and I have mini-dance parties, about 4 times, daily.  These aren't the type of dance party's where I sit and watch  I'm an active participant and I'm telling you that if I keep going at this rate, I'll be able to quit running and eat as many cupcakes as I want, FOREVER.  You burn some serious calories.
We have a lot of fun, too.  It's really fun to watch an uninhibited child, freely dance. It's beautiful. 

*Sean and I have a sushi date, each Thursday evening, after the kids are tucked in.  I pinch pennies and save from our family's grocery budget, so we can do this.  We put the kids to bed {usually a few minutes early}, I call in the order and he drives off. It's worth every penny, when he drives up and I get to savor a spicy tuna crunch roll.  And soy sauce. So much soy sauce.  And ginger.
And quiet.
And a tv show {Hello, Person of Interest is back on!}

*Kensington wants to color, paint, scribble and sketch ALL.THE.TIME. She is starting a art class, this Thursday {she chose this over dance, soccer, karate or anything else that was mentioned} and she is so excited.  I am trying to incorporate art into our day to day activities and have been researching so many new methods of art instruction. I have never learned this much about art, ever!  Can you suggest any resources?
The drawing below is of my friend, Andrea, who she calls, "Auntie Mermaid Hair" and a cloud named Clive. Hilarious.  I try to document lots of her drawings in my Instagram feed.

*This is of a "large horse and it's master who is very small".

*I've been running more and more and it feels good.  So good.  And so so so hot.  I've never run in this much heat, before. It's both gratifying and nauseating.
But it's nice to be able to zip up pants, so I'll continue.

*Kensington had her dance recital last month and it was adorable.  Simply adorable.  I especially loved that their "costumes" were t-shirts and nothing too mature or suggestive, which I have seen on 5 year olds.  I don't like it one bit and enjoyed that their recital was four songs, no solos and just fun.  Like what a little girl should be doing. At the end, they all passed out treats to one another and hugged.  So cute and innocent.
The below picture is Kensington with her two friends, Ruby and Alice.

*I start most mornings with a fire.  It's one of my favorite things. However, since Southern California is in the midst of a heat wave, I've been starting the majority of mornings with my air conditioner.

*Kensington is learning to write letters and she did this, this week.  I smiled so big when she handed it to me and so did she.  It's a hard name but she did beautifully.

*We went to San Diego last weekend and the zoo was a hit.  Kensington picked out her face paint and insisted on looking in my sunglasses all day, to make sure it hadn't melted off.  She was so thrilled.
I'm sad to say that this is one of three pictures I took of the ENTIRE WEEKEND.  I was having so much fun and truth be told, I didn't want to lug around a huge camera.  So the memories are going to have to stay in my brain vault. Sorry, future generations.  You'll have to take our word for it.

*Remember this post, about Miss Pat?  That's her.  And my sweetie.

*Frankie is a character.  I'm not kidding.  Her sense of humor is so different and enticing. Sometimes frustrating.  But still.  She does things that are just too funny. Case in point.

*My friends surprised me and threw me a Little House on the Prairie birthday party. Complete with hay, hand-sewn aprons and tons of ribs.  They know me so well.

I have about 100 more pictures I could upload, but you and I both know that you're about done.
Happy Monday to you and I hope it's lovely, you water your plants, cook a great meal and thank the good Lord above for the roof over your head.
We have so much to be grateful for.


  1. aren't you glad we can capture these moments?!

    Your friends? amazing! {duh} :) I grew up on Little House books and the show, so of course this made me so SO HAPPY!! y'all are so cute!

    Happy Monday, friend! back into the homeschooling cave we go. LOL


    1. I love having a cell phone if ONLY to take photos! Yes!

  2. i love good! and I love the little house on the prairie party...such a fantastic idea! thakns for sharing.

    1. You must find an excuse to host one. It really was a blast!

  3. Excellent. All of it. Thanks for sharing and I hope this is a wonderful blessed week!

    1. I hope the same for you too, my friend!

  4. Replies
    1. It certainly was. And the amount of ribs I ate only made it better.

  5. Thanks for commenting on my blog! :) That party theme is too cute, what sweet friends you have. I love the idea of dance parties during the day, if only my office would suggest something like that. Lol and good for you two and your late night sushi date, I love hearing stories like that. It makes married life with kids still feel so romantic in a different way.