On politics.

After I wrote this I realized the following: If blogging is my true-to-life journal, I don't share a very important passion of mine, enough.
Government, politics and the history of both.

So, I'll start here.


1 Peter 1:22
"You were cleansed from your sins when you obeyed the truth, so now you must show sincere love to each other as brothers and sisters. Love each other deeply with all your heart. "

I meet too many people that say they hate politics because of the fighting. The arguing and bickering amongst the Democrats and Republicans.  The inability to get things done and the countless dollars spent with very little actual {profitable} legislation, to show for it.  They hate politics, so they refuse to talk about it.  Refuse to dialogue with others about.  Especially refuse to talk to someone who thinks differently then they do.
They hide behind their snarky remarks on Twitter and offensive FaceBook posts. Snickering at dinner parties.  Making other people feel disregarded for thinking differently.  Or worse-making other people feel stupid.
No engagment, just silence, uninvolvment or codemnation.

Hmmm.....that's funny.

When we reject politics because of the useless banter, back and forth and back and forth, but we are unable to have an honest and down to earth discussion with someone else, we ARE what we hate.

Here me, on this.

I am a conservative and hold strong beliefs, as I'm sure you do.
So, I'm sure I don't have to explain some of my many stances to you.  But the picture that has been painted about me, by the liberal media {yes, my friends, it does exist} is not entirely accurate.

Believe in personal responsibility.
Believe in free enterprise and individual liberty.
Believe in limited government.
Believe in Americas landscape as a place where anyone can succeed, no matter who they are or where they are from.
Believe that taking a life is a sin and wrong, therefore I believe both abortion and the death penalty should not be legal.
Believe that we, as a country, should use many types of energy.  Coal, solar, wind.  But I believe that the gas and electric companies should be privately owned.
Believe in global warming and believe we should do the very best we can to take care of the Earth the Lord has given us.
Believe there should be gun control and reform.
Believe government should, in no way, control health care.
Believe in the welfare system but think there needs to be reform.
Believe the term "marriage" should be reserved for a man and a woman.
Believe in term limits for the Senate, House of Representatives and the Supreme Court.
Believe that social justice will not be achieved by higher taxes on the wealthy and that there should be a flat tax on all Americans.
Believe there should, most certainly, be pension reform.
Believe that much more attention should be put on sustainability and ways to preserve our Earth and all of its inhabitants.

I have so many other beliefs as they pertain to homeland secuirty, war, taxes, the UN, social security and more.
So much more.

Why do I tell you all this?

Because of this....
I have people in my life, that I care about, that think differently than I do.  Sometimes, much differently.  And while it is hard for me to understand why or how they can think differently, I don't ever let that be a barrier to a discussion nor will I allow those differences to enter my heart and create bitterness, towards that person. How can I claim God's love for others but have vitriolic hate for them, based upon their beliefs?
I see it often, however.
In Washington DC {and anywhere that government resides}, people are so embittered towards others because of their belief system and refuse to allow civilty.  They refuse to talk.  They refuse to get to the heart of the matter and reduce people to their set of political affiliations.  Never trying to understand why or how they believe what they choose to believe.

This makes me sad because we lose the oppurtunity to understand someone else and who they are. Where they come from.  We lose {if we truly believe in what we believe in} the chance to share ourselves with others and maybe shine light on the other side.

I hold my beliefs {politically and otherwise} close to my heart as I know they come from a place of deep concern, prayer and thought.  Why, if I believe so deeply, would I squander any chance to share my passions?  Simply because someone else poses a threat or presents a different idea?


I choose to passionately approach the subject of politics, armed with information, facts...

But most importantly,


And you can too.


So, I ask you....
Do you "hate" politics?  Do you love it?  Why do you vote the way you vote?  How do you approach others who think differently than you?


  1. Great post! I loooooove politics. Maybe too much. I also am a conservative and am always shocked by how I am portrayed by the majority of the media. I am told I am extreme, hate the poor, hate the environment and don't care if people die because they don't have insurance. We are all so boxed in. I hear all the time, "we should stop fighting and compromise." But I will not compromise on core beliefs. People expect me to compromise on being pro-life? Not going to happen. It can't even be said that all conservatives agree on everything. And that's ok. I so appreciate a good discussion about politics, where this great country should be headed and what we should expect of our leaders. Unfortunately I do run into a lot of anger. Anger can never spur good dialogue. I try my hardest not to make assumptions about people and to listen. Always working on being quick to listen and slow to speak. I'll engage with anyone who wants to have an adult conversation about the issues. In fact, I'm pretty sure my dream job would be a political talk show. We should look into that! hahaha Thanks for sharing.

  2. i Want to be more engaged. i Could love politics. i certainly desire to be a responsible, informed citizen. and i certainly respect those whose opinions differ from my own even when, like you, i don't understand their why or how. i've probably withdrawn from it, publicly speaking, b/c it's hard to find others who are as open-minded and cool-headed (as you have demonstrated yourself to be, for instance.) and also, to be totally honest, i have as great a concern about my own approach. i tend to go all in, making politics my greatest endeavor and losing sight of certain other work that God has blessed me with opportunity to do. i appreciate and respect folks like you who hear the call and have the fortitude to march on in. keep it up! :)

  3. I am one of 'those people'. I'm not a fan of politics simply because I don't care for what it has become in this day and age. The anger, the bitterness, the categorizing of people as all one thing or another....its exhausting. I'm still just learning how it all really works so I tend to keep my opinions to myself and watch others bury themselves and lose friendships over seemingly petty arguments.
    I do think that if people would come in open-minded ready for dialogue things would be great. Ideas would be shared and progress could be made. However, because most tend to come from a place of 'I am right and whatever you believe is wrong' it seems like it will be a minute before there is any real dialogue happening.


    I literally just read this after someone accused me of not liking their political position because I talk out loud (as if its a sin) about my political beliefs. People need to talk about what they believe so we can learn from one another!

    Anyways...i love you and this post and that you love politics so stinking much.

    Happy Wednesday Friend!

  5. Girlfriend, Sacramento is a BAZILLION times worse than DC (says she who has worked in both places) and has a bigger impact on us in many ways. I'd like to elect you to the Assembly to do some seriously butt kicking and "house cleaning!" : )

  6. thank you. thank you. thank you.

    said so elegantly. my plea is exactly the same: approach it with facts and respect and then and only then can we talk!

  7. amen sister. well said...thanks for sharing!

  8. So very well said, Rachel. Seriously. I'm a conservative just as you and have friends who are not, and while some of their beliefs practically pierce my heart, I never approach them with anything less than love and respect. I'm not into the finger-pointing and the yelling. That's for children.

    Awesome post!

  9. THIS --> When we reject politics because of the useless banter, back and forth and back and forth, but we are unable to have an honest and down to earth discussion with someone else, we ARE what we hate.

    I read that and went, yes, yes, YES!!!

    I am NOT a conservative and yet am a Christian, oh the scandal of it all, but I totally believe that all leaders, regardless of their party color deserve respect, because God has commanded me to give it, Romans 13:1-7. I am also NOT a far lefty, either. I am registered to vote, independent of party lines, and often my ballots zig zag between columns.

    I just have to say, though, in reference to your liberal media comment, don't be fooled into thinking that Fox and other conservative news sources are necessarily more factual. Media is media is media and is driven by ratings, which are driven by the buy-in of the audience. Media tells their audience what they want to hear, regardless of who they are targeting. I wish it weren't that way. I wish there was still some journalistic integrity out there, but just as news is bought, so are votes - and I just feel that as long as we as a country behave {much} worse in politics than our littles do on the playground, the system is broken.

    I will dialog with folks who put their thoughts out there in a respectful fashion, as you have, Rachel, and appreciate it when people do so, because really, without constructive conversations, how in the world ARE we to fix the many broken things in our country?

  10. Good post!
    Being german, I don't really have deep knowledge about American policy, but all in all I'm very much interested in politics and escpecially in history and international relations.
    Thank you for sharing your ideas.
    Love, Maria

  11. I love having down to earth discussions and learning from others but I hate politics. I am so tired of that back and forth and back and forth...and I live in a city and am surrounded with people who don't think like I do and I don't like to cause a stir or draw attention to myself...

    But, I still like to have discussions. So I'll discuss all sorts of things and listen to the politics being discussed in my office with great interest. I'll even insert my opinion about something I believe in strongly. But I live in a state where one party wins - almost all the time. If I'm not voting that party(I don't) I feel like my vote doesn't even matter.

    I'm going to try again though. I'm going out to vote against legislation that I believe will hurt our city. We have so many things going on that are harmful - how can adding more gambling help anything at all? And so I'm going to go out and say no to that. At the very least.

  12. I love the idea of politics. The way it was intended to be; a representation of the people. It has changed so much over the years, but it is our job to talk about it, to keep up with it so we can do something about it. I love having political discussions with others, regardless of whether we agree about the issues. That is the basis of our country, the ability to disagree with others and still live freely. I think it should never be an "off limits" topic. Not on a blog, not in real life.
    Well said, Rachel!