this weekend.

Who doesn't love weekends?
I suppose there's someone out there, I just haven't met them.

This weekend will be full, while so many of our weekends are empty {with an exception of a BBQ with friends or church}. Even when I have events on the weekend, I RARELY book two things on one day, but this weekend is an exception.  Empty weekends are my favorite because it leaves so much time to roam and do things that otherwise are left untoached but this weekend, I have so many wonderful things {and I really mean that word, when I say it} to do.

Today I dropped off a load of vintage to my friend Amanda's house, for our sale.  We chatted {I just found out she is pregnant!  Yay!} and continued planning for the exciting evening {do come, please?}.
This afternoon I'm going to begin making tea sandwiches and setting the table because...

Tomorrow I'm hosting a tea.
Remember when I told you about how my girlfriends and I get together, bi-monthly?  We also do a tea, quarterly.  This Fall, it was my turn and I'm so excited.  I really do love entertaining anyone and everyone, but these girls make it so fun because I know they really appreciate every detail I put into it, they know that I do it because I love them and each of us leave very renewed and uplifted. These girls pray for me, and I for them.  They understand me and I, them. We celebrate one another and our accomplishments and pray through the chaos.  
It's really spectacular.  
Plus, we each throw a mean tea...
So, tomorrow, around noon, I'll be pretending I'm HERE and enjoying conversation, with a side of Earl Grey.

I have a little gift I'm putting together for them.  These verse cards, along with this lovely printable from my friend Lindsey, will be waiting for them, when they arrive {hopefully they don't check the blog until Monday!}.  And I'm making some delicious recipes from the below pictured cookbook!

On Sunday evening, I'm headed over to a lovely gals home, as she is beginning her own book club.  As the founder of a book club that spanned almost 9 years, I have missed reading a book, with a group, on a regular basis {we stopped meeting over a year ago}.  I'm rarely without a book in my hands, so it will be nice to hear different perspectives, not have to organize anything and have a group to meet with, once every few months.  

It's a lovely, crisp weekend, indeed.
My eldest is sitting, working on her spelling letters, the wee one is sleeping, Sean is mowing the lawns and I'm about to hit down and watch an episode of Upstairs, Downstairs.

Oh, and one of my best friends is having a baby, on Wednesday.  So, that just adds to the excitement.
I'm so happy, I'll ignore the forecast of 88 degrees, for Monday {sad face}.


  1. 88 degrees!? Geesh. That would make me sad, too, but Upstairs, Downstairs ... that would turn my frown upside down.

  2. I've never been able to commit to a book club. It's a big regret, but I feel like my stupid schedule would prevent me from going each month. : (

  3. Tea was fabulous and I've been craving those bacon and olive sandwiches!!! So excited for you to meet Henri!