this weekend.

It's official.
I've been bit by the baby bug.
It's safe to say that because I don't think anyone in my family reads my blog, so they won't necessarily be thinking there will be a follow up to that statement {although I wouldn't mind in the slightest}.

As mentioned earlier this week, my friend had her darling son, on Wednesday.
He's perfect.
He's pink.
He's amazing.
He's a gift.

I visited him this Thursday and I was smitten with his soft hair and untainted, smooth lips.  Henri Arthur is adorable and full of grace.

This weekend I'm hosting a baby shower, for my friend and neighbor, Lizzy.  She is having her 6th baby, in December.  I'm thrilled to find out if it's a boy or girl.  No matter the gender, that child will be loved and pure as snow.

Children are such a gift.
Sure, there are moments of annoyance or irritation. The job set before us as parents, aunties and uncles, babysitters, god-mothers/fathers and grandparents can seem daunting.  Purse strings become tighter. Calendars are scrunched and grey hair emerges.

In the end however, all I want is to be surrounded by my children.  To know that we did our best to send them out into that big, bad world, equipped.
Armed to make a difference, serve the Lord, serve others well and do good. So much good.

Nothing is better than children.

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