A small note regarding yesterdays post: I'm realizing, after reading the "Manners" post over again, it may seem I am less than gracious, in the area of manners and since I am unable to sit down with each of you and have a real conversation, it could come across a bit rigid. I'd point to what Rachel Winn said, in the comments. We want to have grace and know that when life does happen, grace will be extended. We must take care of ourselves and grace first, to others.  I agree.  I don't sit, with a watch, at each gathering {promise!}.  The angst I feel is mostly at repetitive behavior or with the current state of manners, in our casual culture.  I'm not a mean ol' stickler....just a manner loving lady. Who, by the way, makes plenty of mistakes, herself.} 


The four of us ladies sat around, on Sunday and talked about this coming Wednesday.

Us four gals are friends and it's a good thing and I'm not sure what I would do without them.
I love them so.

And one of us is bringing a baby into the world, on Wednesday.  Wednesday!
April is delivering little Henri, at noon, and our little group will be changed. Of course, for the better.

She is having a son!

It's a normal Wednesday to you, but for her, it's an afternoon where life is changed.
Isn't that just magical?!
I think so.

Us four gals sat around, chatted and parted ways, hugging and knowing the next time we see each other, April will be holding a little boy.

We can't wait to meet you, Henri.


  1. Rachel, I read your post yesterday, and I think it was clear that your frustration stemmed from people who were repeat offenders, which I also get frustrated by. No need to apologize :) I completely agree that our society has become less civilized and more individually focused, which is sad. In the same vein, I recently wrote about how we don't know how to *really* apologize anymore.

  2. This made me cry! I love you and thank you for all your support, love and encouragement. Praise the Lord for you wonderful ladies! Yay for Henri!!!'