Your purpose.

At some point, I think we all get a bit tired of the first world problems. The sinking feeling that we are focusing too much on the external exhaustion of reorganizing our pantry, buying new clothes for which there is no need or cleaning out our Google reader of the 143 home design blog posts, that went unread.

Each of us has has a moment where we go, "What is this all for?  Am I seriously here to take another Instragram picture of my latest Forever 21 purchase? There has to be more."

There has to be more.

There IS more!
It's your purpose.
You have a purpose.

Stop what you are doing and think about that for 30 seconds and come back.

Tell me what it is.
At this station in your life, what is your purpose?
Right now. In life. In this station.
What are you living for and purposing to do?

I want to know....because each of you are divinly made and have a reason.

Tell me.

What. Is. Your. Purpose.

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  1. I just had a conversation with a friend today about this. God has been tugging at my heartstrings for quite some time about fulfilling my purpose.
    Through worship leading I have found so much joy and so much learning. I feel that's where God wants me at this time, being an instrument to speak to people through worship.