Come on in! {a antique sellers space}

I've asked Sean, on several occasions, if he would prefer to use the spare room, for anything else. Maybe separate the girls into their own rooms or as a playroom or keep it empty.  He is really so encouraging.  Encourages me to visit estate sales and find pieces that are discarded.  He's also encouraged this room, to remain a place for my findings.
Maybe he's known, all along, what I am just finding out.

I do believe the reason I love antiques so deeply is because they teach me about myself.  Every time I visit a home and pick up a dish or a crumpled newspaper or a old thermometer.
I think about these people. These lives.  The lives that once lived in that house and who they must be.
When I find a diary and skim the pages, I feel like small whispers are spoken, but only if I'm listening.

The moments that I stop and wonder about people and what makes them, them, is when I learn about myself.
Maybe God has me so interested with the past because He is showing me the future.
He is showing me the way He has me going.

The past is my home. Not in a forlorn way, but more as a lantern of guidance.

I learn from it and proceed.


And now I would love to show you my little space.

Come in.

This is my bookcase. It was used in an old bakery, in Los Angeles. It's adorned with old books, several suitcases and Bibles. Do you remember THIS story?  That Bible sits on top.  It's very special to me.  

All of my Mary Poppins books and globe.  

I suppose this is the happiest of places, in this room.  A board with photos, mementos and a reminder of my three children.  Inspiration and happiness on a cork board.
A small note, on the bottom, is the card, sent with flowers, from Sean.  He sent it, about 15 years ago, when my grandmother died.  He sent it to my parents address that said, 
"Your family is my family and when you are in pain, I am in pain."
I'll never forget that bouquet.

The newspaper clipping was sent to me, by my mother, about 9 years ago.  It's about a woman who has spent the last 70 years, quilting.  She sends them to soldiers and the elderly, in nursing homes.  It reminds me that people can make a difference, no matter how small.  
Small can be just as meaningful as large.  In my humble opinion.

I have a shelf on the wall that I hope to fill with small treasures and for now I have a few that are special.  The photo of the woman and baby were found at an estate sale in Long Beach, California. I know nothing of this lady or her beautiful child.  There are no markings at all, so I really have no way of finding out but it's such a lovely capture of time and emotion.  I think about that mother and wonder what her child grew up to believe and think.  Was she a quiet mother or full of exuberance?
I'm sure I'll never know, but she intrigues me.

And this shelf holds a hymnal from the church where Sean and I went to grade school at, met within and were married.  Don't worry-it was a gift.  Not snatched from the pews!
More forsaken Bibles, found at sales and some sweet dolls that were .10 cents, at a garage sale.  I couldn't just leave them sitting on that old lawn chair, could I?

My desk is an old table that is in three parts.  My friend Jenn and I found it at an antique store that has since closed down.  It holds so many small things. Tape and tacks and pens and cards.  Christmas lights and a sewing machine.  A chair borrowed from the kitchen table.

 Now, I'm sure the following picture will make certain perfectionists slightly uneasy, but I assure you, it's going to all be alright.  
My closet.  There is no closet organization system to speak of {I don't fancy the idea of paying $500.00 for one} and it has no doors.  I prefer no doors. With the frequency I access my craft supplies, I'd be opening and closing it all the time.  One less step.
I'm alright with this because it cost me only for the plastic storage {$30.00 on sale, at WALMART when it was purchased, years ago}.  

This room makes me smile because it's imperfect, like me.  
It's a work in progress, like me.
I'm quite sure it will never be completed, like me.
It's different and unusual and quirky.  Like me.

So, I suppose that it's good it's in my house, right?

I hope you enjoyed the tour.
Happy day to you, my friend.


  1. Thanks for letting us tour around. So grand, indeed!

  2. When we found that table it was the BEST!! We've gotta go shopping again soon! Xo.