COMEDY for your weekend.

Happy Saturday, everyone.  Or, as I affectionally refer to it, "Happy day I feel it is acceptable to lay in my pajamas all day and not even bring a brush to my hair and perhaps talk my husband into ordering take out for lunch AND dinner."

This weekend I'm working on a sewing project, with Kensington {see last post}.  She wants to make scarfs for all of her friends, for Christmas.  How can I say no to that?  We are going to enjoy dinner with friends, tonight.  Tomorrow is church and Sean is going to prep one of our bedrooms for painting. It's the office upstairs were I store all of my vintage and stage photos for my Etsy shop.  Speaking of, some of you have asked about Attic 17....

I like to take the months of November and December off from any money-generating/time consuming hobbies, even if I love them.  Simply knowing I don't need to do anything at all {like run to the post or package up something for a customer} is really peaceful.  Even though I love doing it, it's still another thing to take care of and November and December are sacred months, around here.
It will be back open, in the New Year, with brand new antiques.  I hope you'll visit, once it's open again.

On Saturday mornings, Sean always makes breakfast. While he does, the kids play and he and I watch videos that we have been sent, that week.  Generally of the hilarious variety.

Tim Hawkins is my favorite comedian.
Please watch this.
It's so funny.
So stinkin' funny.  And true.
I mean, come on. Non-Deminational.  Baptist with a cool website.
And the Message Bible.

Enjoy, share and have a lovely weekend!

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  1. Oh wow. Tim Hawkins killllsss me! I went to a women of faith thing last year and it was. Pretty emotionally driven. And then outa nowhere TIM HAWKINS shows up and I laughed so hard I had TEARS running down my face. Favorite part of the weekend. Wow, i wld just love to see him live!