Our family, on gun control.

Mom: Kensington, put your knees down. That isn't how we sit at the table. Remember, if you act like a barbarian at the table, you eat outside, with the animals."

Kensington: I'm not a barbarian!  But what IS a barbarian is a PANTHER!

Mom: What?

Kensington: We read in our book last night about a panther attacking a horse and the grandpa had to shoot him with a gun and KILL HIM."

Mom: What book did you read her, Sean?

Sean: Little House in the Big Woods.  There was a panther in it.

Kensington: Yes.  And they shot it dead.  {Pause} But we shouldn't kill animals or people.

Mom: No. We shouldn't.

Kensington: Then why did they get to kill a panther?

Mom: Because it was attacking their horse and could have attacked something else they love.  They were protecting themselves.

Sean: Like if someone came in our house and attacked you or mommy or Frankie we would need to protect ourselves, too.

Kensington: Do we have a gun to protect ourselves?

Sean: All we need are these two guns, {flexing and kissing his biceps}.

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  1. Oh, this just tickles me! I SO look forward to sweet conversations like this with my [future] little family! <3