teaching a trade.

One Christmas, I sewed three quilts, for three separate people.  It was a ambitious task, but I started early, planned ahead and finished on time.  One for my brother, one for my sister-in-law and one for my mom.  I'm not sure if they all still use them, but I loved the feeling I had, when they opened them.  It made me so happy to give something I worked on, to someone else.

I was working on some bunting flags, this afternoon, and left out my sewing machine.  Kensington woke early from her nap and asked if she could look at the machine.  Looking quickly turned into her desire to try.  I almost told her she was too young, but I fought my sensabilities and took time to teach her.  Step by step, being patient and wouldn't you know.....in about 25 minutes, she was sewing on her own. Start to finish.  Fumbling hands, but still sewing straight lines.

Honestly, I've never felt so accomplished, as a mother.

She's already asking when she gets to sew, again.

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  1. I love this! It's do easy to say no because we think certain things aren't age appropriate, but it never hurts to try! So proud of K (and you)!