tomorrow. {Election 2012}

About an hour after my vintage sale was closed up, on Saturday evening, I came down with the stomach flu.
I was out all day yesterday and woke up again this morning, feeling gross.

It basically is putting me on the couch, which doesn't work well with my brain, seeing as tomorrow is election day, a day that I have been waiting for since LAST election day.

I love tomorrow.

You can smell democracy, in the air.  Leaves are crisp and I'll be standing in line, come 7am {NO stomach bug can keep me away from the polls}. There's a electric buzz.  Excitement.

It's election day tomorrow and while I respect and understand peoples desire to send in an absentee ballot, I think they're missing out.  Standing in line, seeing your neighbors, getting a I VOTED sticker and playing an active roll in our great nations political system.

Do you know how blessed we are?

Four years ago, I voted for John McCain and while the vote didn't go that way, I was still very excited, that evening.  I sat around and watched our country make a choice and although I did and still do think that it was the wrong decision, it's rather impressive to see a country make a peaceful transition of power.

What amazing and brilliant men who wrote the Constitution.  What forethought.

At any rate, today and tomorrow might be much more peaceful than I thought.  I can't force myself to get up and decorate my house with all of the many decorations I bought.  I can't be my normal hostess self and whip up sixteen red, white and blue appetizers.

I feel crummy and while I hope today brings some relief, even if it doesn't, It won't change the simmering passion, in my belly.

The passion I feel that there might be a chance...a fighting chance, that the candidate I voted for, will win this election.

The finish line is near and I'll be sitting on my couch, notepad in hand. Staring at a television screen {or multiple ones, in our house}, fielding texts and calls from equally spirited friends.  Surrounded by loved ones that care, just as much as I, about this monumental race.

No matter how crummy I feel.

Because it's election day in America.

It's coming.

And I'm zany enough to be counting down the minutes.

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  1. I agree there's nothing like standing in line to cast your vote. It's my favorite!

    My fingers are crossed friend.