a new tradition.

Thanks to the comments and help I received after posting THIS, our newest tradition was been sealed and delivered!

We baked and baked and rolled and floured and stuffed and packaged cookies, cakes and candy.
We spent the entire day in our pajamas {sans when we had to run out the door for some more sweetened condensed milk}, listened to Christmas music and only burned one batch.
Of course, the kids are still young, so things happened, fights broke out and there were several time outs, but hey....that's life.

This morning, we were in the car by 6am, eating Egg McMufins and dropping off packages of cookies, to unsuspecting family and friends.  We didn't get crazy and make cookies for everyone I'd like to, because I wanted the first year to go smoothly, rather than burning myself out. We kept the list very small and made for just a few and some of Seans co-workers.

It was a great first go.
I look forward to adding to this each year.  With new cookies, new recipes.

Of course, I only took three pictures.  Not one of the finished products.
But hey....as my husband always says...."Few pictures is a sign of full presence."

Oh and Frankie turns two tomorrow.  I'm excited but also really sad.  Please don't tell me I shouldn't be because it won't help.  I'm sad because the last two years have gone by faster then any other time in my life.  My oldest is going to be five soon and I no longer have a baby in the house.
 Time is a beautiful healer and also a relentless thief. 
I love him and hate him.

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  1. Traditions are so important for sure. Love that you're doing them with your little ones.