LWA {and other things}.

I'm proud to say that I am now an official card-carrying member of the Letter Writers Alliance I found their blog quite a few months ago and have been following along.  I finally took the plunge and joined and I'm already glad I did.
Aside from the wonderful members-only website that you have the ability to view, you are also given access to free downloads {so many fun treats to use, when writing letters} and are also granted the ability to be part of their pen-pal program.  I sent in my request today!  I'm really eager to see who I am paired with and where they are from {amongst other things}.

If you love letter writing, I encourage you to become a part.  It's been really fun to read their blog and become connected to other blogs and individuals who have an affinity for the post.  So many tunnels of information and beautiful creations reside on the internet, as it pertains to postage and postal love. You don't have to go much farther than the LWA shop.  I like each and every item in there!  I would love to send a postal pigeon {mentioned HERE} and try this.

Let's write more letters!  And I would love to write a letter to you, if you would let me know.  Send me your address {Some of you already have!  Huzzah!}

Letters are a way to preserve moments and thoughts and share them together.  Someday the present will be the past and think of how beautiful it will be, to look back on these shared words.


I found THIS article about the different meaning of stamp placement.  I thought you might like it too.


Last week it rained ALL WEEK.  Essentially, I was in my happy place, for days on end.  It worked well because my children were sick, the entire week.  There was something about it, though.  They were sick, we were inside, watching Christmas movies and listening to the rain.  It wasn't that bad.  And just as they were on the mend, there was one huge last rain.  So, we jumped in puddles.  And came in the house SOAKED.  It goes against my nature to let my children run and jump in the water with wild abandon, but I'm learning that the things I don't always want to do are some of the best thing TO do.  IT was a great morning.  45 minutes of water jumping and a hot bath later....we had some memories we won't soon forget.


Anyone else thrilled that Downton is coming back, on January 6th?  Our group of friends will be watching, with bated breath, that evening.
So excited.
And naturally, the Dowager Countess is my absolute favorite.
Of course.


I hope you have a happy Friday and a peaceful weekend. We are headed down to the local beach neighborhood, on Saturday, with friends. We will dine first and then walk around and look at the lights, with the kiddos.  I can't wait!

I love you all so.  Do tell me something good.


  1. Something good...my girl has auditions for the sound of music tonight. It will feel so good to have that over;) Hope she makes it. Btw my grandma is the same...sure it won't be long. Thanks for praying.

  2. Love the rain pic!

    I had pen pals in my youth..it was so interesting! I'm still friends with Deana fron New York ..we have visited one another over the years. I also had a few in Europe and Africa.

    I have yet to begin watching Downton..ridiculous I know!

    Hope everyone is better. Have a great weekend!